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Calling TCM Readers In Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Beyond

One of truly most unexpected experiences of publishing Truck Camper Magazine over the years has been the emergence and continued growth of our international readership.

What we initially thought would be strictly a United States and Canadian focused magazine quickly gained readership in Asia, Africa, South America, Antartica, Europe, and Oceania (Australia).

TCM international Readership continents

Here’s a look at our 2016 readership by country via Google Analytics.  The United States is by far the biggest segment of our readership (shown in dark blue), but check out our readership from all four corners of this planet.

TCM Readership City Chart

This Google Analytics chart shows our top 10 countries by readership, but any country that’s light blue in the map above has Truck Camper Magazine readers.  Evidently we need to work on Western Sahara and Mauritania in North West Africa, but otherwise every country is active with folks reading TCM.  It’s truly incredible.

International Readership Cities

When we drill down further, we discover some remarkable session data from cities around the world; 2,764 from London, England, 1,713 from Santiago, Chile, 1,264 from Auckland, New Zealand, 1,010 from Paris, France, 825 sessions from Soul, South Korea, 799 from Stockholm, Sweden, 742 from Moscow, Russia, 712 from Berlin, Germany, and 698 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Who In the World Is Reading Truck Camper Magazine?

These numbers are incredible, but there can be no doubt that the folks reading Truck Camper Magazine from these far away places are even more interesting.

For starters, why are they reading about truck campers in Africa, South America, Antartica, Europe, and Oceania?  Are they truck campers themselves, or just curious about the product or lifestyle?

If they are truck campers, what kind of truck and camper do they have, where do they go, and what do they do when they go truck camping?

Are there active truck campers in Soul, South Korea?  Do they have truck camper rallies in Berlin, Germany?  Could there be an active truck camping community in Santiago, Chile or Auckland, New Zealand?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This Question of the Week is now closed.  Click here to read about rigs from around the world!


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