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Blondie’s Monster Ate Our Pickups

Most truck camper owners never even considered anything other than a pickup truck with a pickup truck bed.  There are enough truck choices and camper matching questions to answer as it is without engaging alternative trucks.

Then we come across a completed rig with an alternative truck.  The Semi-Lance on the front page this week is certainly a great example.  When everything comes together, these alternative rigs can make a compelling case for thinking outside the standard pickup box.

Tempting us to stray further, we have encountered truck campers on Unimogs, Fusos, and tricked-out AEV Jeep Brute conversions.






All of these rigs look awesome, but do they make any sense?

For their owners the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”.  They dreamed, planned, bought and built these rigs for a reason.  Read any of the above articles and you’ll see exactly why these rigs happen.  You may even find yourself thinking about an alternative truck of your own.

Speaking of thinking, this week’s Question of the Week asks you to imagine a world where our beloved pickup trucks have all been eaten by that guitar-eating monster from space Blondie was rapping about in her 1981 hit Rapture.  At the tender ago of nine, I loved roller skating to that tune.

While you try desperately to erase that image from your head, here’s this week’s Question of the Week, “If pickup trucks were off the menu, and you had to assemble a truck camper with something other than a pickup truck, what would you choose?”

Here are the results.  The readers chose a….


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