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The Big Flap on Mud Flaps

Along with a rubber bed mat, rear mud flaps were high on the list of must-have add-ons when we took ownership of our factory-ordered 2014 Ram 3500.

A rubber bed mat helps to keep a truck camper from moving within the truck bed and is a highly recommended item for most truck camper rigs.  A rubber mat also helps to protect your truck bed if it doesn’t have a liner.

Rear mud flaps address a different need.  On a rig traveling without rear mud flaps, rear truck wheels pickup and throw water and road debris into the rear overhang skirt of a truck camper.  While highway driving, this water flies off the tires at near-hurricane speeds potentially causing all kinds of problems.

Unless you have a truck camper without a rear skirt (a model that ends at the tail gate), we strongly recommend rear mud flaps for your truck.  The only possible exception would be molded fiberglass truck campers that cannot rot or de-laminate, but even then there’s no sense in subjecting your camper skirt to unnecessary water and road debris.

To keep things simple, if your camper overlaps, get rear mud flaps.

Speaking of mud flaps, reader Paul Kroeker sent the following suggestion for Question of the Week:

“We have small mud flaps on our truck now and would like to upgrade.  I have researched the many different kinds of mud flaps available and found claims that some work better than others.  For a Question of the Week, I’d like to know what mud flaps Truck Camper Magazine readers have.”

Excellent question Paul.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you have mud flaps on your truck camper rig and, if you do, what kind of mud flaps do you have?”  

We would also like to know if you have front mud flaps, and if you would get front and rear mud flaps again on your next truck.

Click here to see the reader mud flap recommendations.


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