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Beerdocking – A Story That Needs to be Towed

When most folks talk about a breakdown while truck camping, they’re talking about that emotionally fragile moment when they run out of beer, miles from civilization.  This experience is so profound that it necessitated a new word be created for the English language; Beerdocking.

Beerdocking, for those who are new to truck camping, is when you camp off-road and off-the-grid, with beer, often for an extended period of time.  The beerdocking concept is to make absolutely sure, before leaving the grid, that you bring a sufficient amount of beer to allow yourself to remain off-the-grid, with beer, for as long as possible.

Humans have been very clever over the past few decades inventing beerdocking extension technologies including portable 12-volt beer refrigerators, nocturnal beer illuminating LEDs, and even solar panel beer party power systems.  It’s truly incredible to recall the many advancements that have been brought to truck camping by beerdocking, a concept many of us have long taken for granted.

The other type of breakdown isn’t quite as well known, but is equally important to truck camper owners; the dreaded mechanical breakdown.  A mechanical breakdown occurs when a truck and camper rig is rendered immobile by engine trouble, encounters with foreign objects, and/or human error.  Ironically, thoughts of this second type of breakdown has been known to cause the first.

Amongst the many beerdocking emails we receive everyday, we got two emails recently on this very different breakdown topic.  On Friday, September 26th, Jack Pavie wrote, “I’d like to know if your readers prefer AAA, Good Sam, or possibly some other roadside assistance company for their truck and camper rig.”

Three days later, Renee and Bill Dalton wrote, “The topic of truck camper rig breakdowns that require towing or flatbed service is something we would love to see as a Question of the Week.”

Your wish is our command Jack, Renee, and Bill.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What is your contingency plan should you experience a mechanical breakdown while truck camping and require a tow?”  If you have been towed while truck camping, please tell us about your experience.  If you haven’t, tell us what roadside assistance you’re depending on, and why you chose them.

Here are the responses to this week’s Question of the Week.

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