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An Unloaded Question: Tailgates On or Off?

If there’s one thing we don’t care for on our 2018 Ram 3500, it’s the procedure required to connect and disconnect the wiring harness for the tailgate.  What should be a simple process ends up being an awkward situation as one of us holds and maneuvers the 50-pound tailgate while the other attempts to affix the connector.  What in the heck are the tailgate electrical harness designers thinking?

The alternative is to drive around without the tailgate on, at least until we load the camper again.  That’s exactly what we do, shamelessly.  We don’t even remove the Torklift International tie-down extenders.  We just drive our big honkin’ long bed dually – tailgate-less!

Having grown up in the uppity Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, you would think I’d the decency to shy away from this outrageous behavior, but no.  I have learned to let that flag fly.  I brush my teeth.  I take showers.  I even change underpants everyday, but I drive with my tailgate off all the time.  What a scandal.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “When unloaded, do you drive around with or without your tailgate?”  If you re-install your tailgate, tell us why.  If you don’t, explain your reasoning.  What do you do?

This QOTW is now closed.  Readers respond in, “Tailgate Question Ignites A Firestorm“.


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