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Amphicamper: Practical or Practically Nuts?

The article, “Return of the Amphicamper” showcases the concept of a half-truck camper, half-boat product.  Based on the functioning examples shown, there’s no doubt that an amphicamper is possible, but is it practical?

For the consumer:

1. An amphicamper owner could consolidate from a truck, camper, boat, and trailer to just a truck and amphicamper.  That’s less to own, maintain, store, and insure.

2. Amphicamper owners would never have to worry that they didn’t bring their boat.  If they discovered a boating opportunity, they could take it.  If they didn’t, they would keep on truck camping.

3. How fun it would be to watch everyone freak out as you unloaded the amphicamper at marinas?  People would be running towards your rig shouting, “Wait, wait!” and waving their arms like chickens attempting to fly.  Okay, that might not be a benefit.

For the camper industry:

4. An amphicamper could cost upwards of $75,000 and still be cheaper than a new camper, boat, and trailer – especially when you consider the above mentioned ownership costs.

5. The amphicamper could also be sold through marinas, a nearly untapped dealer network for the truck camper industry.

6. For the manufacturer, the PR potential would be ridiculous.  Every truck, car, boat, and travel adventure magazine would want the amphicamper story.

Putting the pipe dreaming down, I realize that this is all fantasy.  The truck camper industry is reading this saying, “Are you nuts?”  Well, maybe, but it’s fun and healthy for a business to think big, push boundaries, and consider risks.

One brave truck camper manufacturer built an amphicamper in 1960.  They had no computers or CNC – just chutzpah and a vision.  After 56 years, maybe it’s time to make this concept a commercial success.

Practical or Practically Nuts?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Would you consider a well designed and manufactured amphicamper if one existed?”  Is the amphicamper an impractical relic to be ogled and dismissed, or a blast from the past that should be re-imagined, redesigned, and brought back into production?  Let’s find out.

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