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2024 Calendar Contest: Behind the Shot Part 3

For Behind the Shot Part 3, we are featuring photos and stories from Baja, Algonquin Park, Owl Canyon, the Peralta Trail Area and many more!  Click here to participate in the 2024 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest and be considered for a Behind the Shot feature.

2024 Truck Camper Calendar Contest Update Three

Rich Bain
Washtucna, Washington
2004 Dodge 3500
2022 Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL
Camera Used – Phone

This is a roadside attraction that has been around since the 1970s. It was moved to its current location from 8 miles away back in 2017. We stopped by because a geocache was placed on the bus to be found. We finally took the time to stop there and look for it. While we knew that the bus existed, geocaching brought us back to it.

The one main thing almost every geocacher will tell you as to why they love the game/hobby; it takes you places you never would have gone to or known about. We have seen so many places, camping spots and learned about the history of an area because of geocaching.

We have found over 7,000 geocaches so far. While that sounds like a lot, there are so many others who have found far far more. Geocaching works with what we do and traveling with a truck camper makes it easy to get to many of them. Yes, we did find the geocache on that bus.

Here is a pretty good history on #thatnwbus.

John Graves
2008 GMC Sierra 3500
2021 Lance 825
Camera Used – iPhone 12 Pro

This is one of our favorite spots in Baja. We meet up with some friends that sail the area year around. Our friend’s camper is a 2022 Hallmark on a 2019 Toyota Tundra.

This is a popular bay for live-aboard boaters to anchor and get out of the wind. There was an abundance of fish in this bay, so we spent most of our time spearfishing. Because our friends had a desalinization/RO system, we stayed here unit we ran out of adult beverages. Getting here in a tall rig was a challenge. We had to cut our way through lots of narrow and low hanging trees. It took us three hours to travel 11 miles.

Michael Himsey
Locust Grove, Virginia
Ford F-150 XLT
Travel Lite 610R
Camera Used – iPhone 14 Plus

We were on our way to Fredericksburg, Virginia, taking the backroads when we stopped at the Battle of the Wilderness site; a Civil War battle that was fought in thick forest and dense underbrush. The battle was tactically inconclusive with almost 30,000 casualties. Although war is a terrible part of life, it is part of the history of this great nation. This site does its best to see it is remembered. It’s a somber yet sad part of our history. Let us never forget.

We went on to Fredericksburg to visit family and then on to Fort A.P. Hill for a few days of R&R. Fort A.P. Hill is ironically named after one of the Generals who was in the Battle of the Wilderness. It is a beautiful military campground with an awesome recreational building with showers and lavatories that are immaculate.

Adela Stanelescu
Algonquin Park, Ontario
2017 Dodge Ram 3500
2015 Arctic Fox 990
Camera Used – iPhone

We had just left our campsite in Mew Lake and were on our way home. I took this picture of my family member’s truck and camper. What a stunning picture! We camp in April and this year we arrived just after a bad ice storm. There was lots of damage in the area and tens of thousands were without power. But we had a great time and are grateful we had our camper and they had a trailer. We saw some wildlife and had great campfires. All good.

Frank Sherbo
Peralta Trail Area, Arizona
2021 Ford F350
2022 Arctic Fox 990
Camera Used – Samsung Galaxy S22 plus

We were camping in Arizona State Trust land just off the road to the Peralta trailhead in Gold Canyon. Our windows are reflecting the setting sun and beautiful desert around us.

Eckhart Franz
Lake Havasu, Arizona
2021 Chevrolet 3500
2021 Northern Lite 10-2EX LE Dry Bath
Camera Used – iPhone SE

After the third day of driving from British Columbia to Arizona, the weather is improving and I am treated to a gorgeous sunset as I start my winter stay. This BLM area above Lake Havasu is where I start my winter stay in Arizona.

Gary McNichols
Warren, Idaho
2022 Chevrolet HD 3500
2014 Arctic Fox 1140
Camera Used – iPhone SE

Three campers at Elk Camp Center in Warren, Idaho. Left to Right, 2016 Ram 2500 with a 2002 Citation 2022, 2022 Chevrolet 3500 with a 2014 Arctic Fox 1140, and 2001 Chevrolet 3500 with a 2006 Arctic Fox 1150. We got a cold winter blast!

CAT Tison
Owl Canyon, California
2015 GMC Sierra
2023 Capri Retreat
Camera Used – Phone

I lived not far from here for many years. Just another backyard playground.

John Murdock
Osteen, Florida
2017 Ram Tradesman
2007 StarCraft Roadstar Pine Mountain
Camera Used – Samsung S22 5g phone

I work in Taiwan and was on my way home when Hurricane Ian was coming. I darted to West Virginia to my cabin to prepare for the worst and wait for the hurricane so I could bring supplies and tools. I stopped in SanTan Solar in Savannah, Georgia to pick up some solar panels. I am not paid or sponsored but with SanTan Solar, CHINS LifePo4, and Bluetti at the time, and now with BougeRV, I was able to supply enough power for the house and camper until power was restored.

This picture was a couple of days after the hurricane when all was settled; I knew it was a sign of things to come! I knew my outside-the-box or abnormal thinking on off-grid and truck camper sustainment would show its worth.

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