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2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra Rally Review

TCM did something at the Fall 2011 North-East / Michigan-Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree that has never, ever, been done with a truck camper; a rally wide truck camper review. … … … … … … … … … … …

Travel Lite Rally Review

To the best of our knowledge, what we did at the Fall 2011 North-East / Michigan-Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree had never been done before in the history of truck camping.  No, we didn’t launch our truck camper with a giant catapult.  Unfortunately, Angela nixed that idea.  She’s no fun.

What we did was announce to an entire truck camper rally that we were conducting the first ever “rally review” and invited one and all to come see our new camper and give us their impressions.  We even promised, in public, that we would publish their comments in the distinguished electrons of Truck Camper Magazine.  Were we out of our minds?  Probably, but what better way to get real feedback on a new camper than to ask lots of people to give you real feedback on a new camper.

Maybe next year Angela will approve my catapult idea.  For now, we’ll just have to settle for the first ever truck camper rally review.

Rally Review: 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra

Travel Lite Reader Review

What follows are the impressions of experienced truck campers who looked over our 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra during the Fall 2011 North-East / Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree.  These impressions were all stated verbally as rally attendees looked over the camper in person.  They have only been edited for grammatical consistency.

Rally Review

“The floor plan is very nice and we really like the cabinetry.  We also like the kitchen design and convection microwave.  The light cabinetry makes the camper seem brighter.  Also, the fit and finish looks really good.  The storage under the dinette is great for shoes, beer, and soda.  We also like the progression of the steps into the over cab bed.  The holding tanks are large with forty-one gallons of fresh, thirty-six gallons of grey, and thirty-six gallons of black.” – Ron and Shelia Day

“The cabinetry is very nice and the spring loaded cabinet doors are a good idea.  I like that the kitchen drawers are wide enough for a silverware tray.  I’m concerned that little kids can get to the thermostat and 12-volt outlet under the sink.  The counters are a nice granite-like material and I like the two sturdy legs for the dinette.  I love the floor.  It looks real nice and feels comfortable to walk on.  I would prefer tinted windows for privacy and a slide-out pantry and spice rack in the kitchen.” – Kathy Porter

“It’s a good size camper with a surprising amount of space.” – Anne Brown  

Rally Review

“The interior decor is nice and the floor is awesome.  The thermostat and 12-volt outlet under the kitchen sink could get wet so I would recommend they be moved.  The 12-volt outlet is great, but it would be better in the dinette.  I personally would prefer ducted heat.  The bathroom is nice, but the bathroom counter is a bit tall.  Also, the access port to slide-out motors needs to be more clear and I would prefer LED lighting all around.” – Don Kingfield

Rally Review

“I have issues with pushing the bathroom shut.  It takes quite a push to get the bathroom door to stay closed.” – Paulette

“Things I like the are the granite-like counters, the pantry, the mirror, and the steps into the bed.  I also like that the sink is angled, but I would prefer the type of double sink with a small and a big basin.  I like the amount of cabinetry space and recommend that they add more shelves above the sink.” – Brenda Murray

“The fan above the bed is great for circulation.  I would like a larger 12-volt refrigerator.  I like the lower counters.  Everything is at a good height, especially the steps to get into the bed.” – Dorris and Mark Bluth

“The floor plan is similar to the Arctic Fox 990.  I would prefer to have a trap door in the bumper for the sewer hose.  The floor is nice and the dinette table seems robust.  I would prefer Ozite on the roof so I could use velcro and put things up there.” – Jack Porter

Rally Response

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