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2013 Travel Lite 770P Pop-Up

Travel Lite announces their new 2013 770P pop-up truck camper and talks about the new generation of Travel Lite pop-up truck campers.  Here’s Travel Lite’s latest soft side story.


Almost three years ago, we got a call from Travel Lite announcing a new line of Travel Lite pop-up truck campers.  Travel Lite had not manufactured pop-up truck campers before and was very excited to be entering into a new product area.

Soon after, Travel Lite debuted a travel trailer line at Louisville.  From the moment the travel trailers hit the show floor, they were a big hit with the attending RV dealers.  It didn’t take long for the travel trailers and hard side campers to crowd out the fledgling pop-up campers from the production line.  When you’re in the manufacturing business, you build what sells.

Of course we don’t give a hoot about travel trailers at Truck Camper Magazine and kept asking Travel Lite what was going on with their pop-up line.  After many months of pestering, they finally brought an all-new 2013 Travel Lite pop-up truck camper to Louisville this past December; the 770P.

Based on the successful Travel Lite 770 SuperLite hard side, the 770P showcased Travel Lite’s new approach to building pop-up truck campers.  When we asked for details, it became immediately apparent that a full article would be in order.  To get the inside scoop on the 2013 Travel Lite 770P and the new generation of Travel Lite pop-up truck campers, we talked to Dustin Johns, Vice President of Travel Lite.


Above: The floor plan for the 2013 Travel Lite 770P.

2013 Travel Lite 770P Specifications

The 2013 Travel Lite 770P is a pop-up camper made for long or short bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the 2013 Travel Lite 770P is 7’7″, the interior height is 78.5″ (61.5″ when closed) and the center of gravity is 33″.  The 2013 Travel Lite 770P has a 9 gallon fresh tank and a porta-potti.  It can accommodate one battery and has one twenty pound propane tank.  Travel Lite is reporting the base weight of the Travel Lite 770P to be 1,385 pounds.  The base MSRP for the 2013 Travel Lite 770P is $10,995.

Above: A Travel Lite produced video on the 2013 Travel Lite 770P.

TCM: We published an article announcing Travel Lite’s new pop-up truck campers in April of 2010.  Since then Travel Lite has kept a relatively low-profile with their pop-up camper line, no pun intended.  What happened with that initial pop-up camper launch?

Dustin: Quite frankly, our hard side campers have outsold our pop-up units and diverted our resources and attention in that direction.

When we decided to revisit our pop-up line last year, we took a fresh look at everything.  We listened to dealer and customer feedback and addressed their requests.


Above: The front dinette, overhead storage, and cabover in the 2013 Travel Lite 770P.

To make our pop-up models more appealing and affordable, we removed unnecessary and/or expensive standard features including the European sink and range top, and the bedspread and pillow.  We were getting feedback those options were not important for our pop-up camper line, but we still offer them as options.

We also added our new power lift system that lifts the pop-up roof with the push of a button located inside the entrance door.  Now raising and lowering the roof is as easy as putting out an electric slide-out.

Finally, we launched an all-new pop-up floor plan, the 770P.  It’s directly based on our most popular hard side model, the 770 Super Lite.  Both the hard side 770 Super Lite and the pop-up 770P can go on long or short bed trucks and are incredibly light weight.  The 770P is just 1,300 pounds dry.

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