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Adventurer 80RB Bathroom and Bedroom Critique

Wet Bath For A Short Bed Truck

All the counter space in the kitchen means that the wet bath is relatively small.  It’s literally standing or sitting room only.  However, if given the choice between more counter space and more food storage or wet bath space, I would go for more the former.

Adventurer 80RB Bathroom

Above: The wet bath on the driver’s side rear of the 80RB

After all, most of us don’t spend that much time in the bathroom.


Anyone considering the 80RB should sit on the toilet and stand up in the bathroom with the door closed to see if they’re comfortable.  Since it’s a wet bath, the shower area is already bigger than most dry bath showers, and the toilet should have plenty of room for anyone who doesn’t play for the NBA.


Above: There is no sink in the wet bath of the 80RB

One feature that’s missing from the wet bath is a sink.  This means you’re washing your hands and brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink.  We have long-term tested campers without bathroom sinks and, while we adapted, found the omission annoying.  For example, you need to keep the kitchen sink clear of dishes and sponges while using the kitchen sink for hand washing and toothpaste.

To be fair, this is exactly the kind of design decision that keeps the Adventurer 80RB in the half-ton compatible weight and center of gravity category.

Adventurer 80RB Cabover Bedroom Evaluation


Above: North-south queen-sized bed

Having a north-south queen-sized bed in a light-weight hard side is a knock out.  The north-south configuration means you can get out of bed without waking your spouse or cat.  Everyone goes truck camping with a cat, right?


Above: Storage in the cabover.  The left photo is the driver’s side, and right photo is the passenger’s side

Most of my concern for the 80RB cabover is with the storage and the storage equality.  The cabover bedroom has minimal cabinetry (to save weight), and favors the person sleeping on the passenger’s side.

In my house, disproportionate storage opportunities in the cabover can cause marital disharmony.  Of course clothing and other cargo can be stored on the floor of the cabover on the driver’s side, but not everyone wants to air their laundry.

The nightstands on either side of the bed are a nice residential-style touch and would be very handy for smartphones, books, and glasses.  We also keep our truck key FOB next to the bed so we can hit the alarm button should any knuckleheads cause trouble.


Above: The Camper Caddy storage pouch is against the front nose of the cabover

Perhaps in recognition of the lacking cabover storage, Adventurer offers an optional zippered storage pouch – called a Camper Caddy – for the front cabover nose wall.

As someone who likes things put away (Angela calls me a neat freak), I’m not sure if I’d like this solution.  I am sure we would find a use for this clever storage area.

Off the top of my head (literally) I can see the Camper Caddy being used for reading materials, an iPad, and maybe some maps.  Others might be more adventurous and fill the open net with various undergarments.  That’s your call.


Above: There is no rear overhang on the Adventurer 80RB

One detail that cannot be seen in the floor plan is how the 80RB doesn’t have a rear overhang.  While this is an excellent design approach for towing applications, it requires the use of scissor steps.  Scissor steps took an enormous leap forward in quality and safety in 2010 with the introduction of Torklift International’s GlowStep series, but not everyone is comfortable lifting, installing, and using scissor steps.

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