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One National Park, Till Death Do You Part

“We thought about this question when we were getting ready to retire.  We decided to cheat.  We love Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.  Since they are connected, that’s our choice.  Yellowstone is more developed and more varied.  But, Grand Teton is majestic and less hectic.  We moved within 50 miles of them and share them and the fantastic wildlife with our friends.” – Mark Harrison, 2005 Dodge 2500, 2017 Northern Lite 10.2 EX CD

“I would choose Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia, Canada.  There is mild weather year round, and the residents of Tofino and Ucluelet would be happy to deliver me needed items.” – Joan Humphrey, 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD, 2013 Adventurer 80GS

“Zion National Park in Utah.  It’s nice all year around.  They have good campgrounds that have primitive and full hookup camping.  The city is pretty close so it would not be too far for the hearse to travel when I check out.” – Jeff Hauser, 1996 Dodge 2500, 2006 Arctic Fox 860

The Coushaines in Yosemite National Park

“We would pick Yosemite National Park in California as the park for us to live out our twilight years!  I call this park a ‘Waterfall Wonderland’.  Its overabundance of beautiful waterfalls, unique and diverse hiking trails, and spectacular mountain scenery make it a perfect place to live.  You can hike up to streams, along streams, and right thru streams all leading to beautiful waterfalls.  Prepare to get wet and have fun!” – Charles and Jeannie Coushaine, 2001 Ford F350, 2012 Chalet DS116RB

Yosemite National Park truck camping

“Yellowstone.” – Tom Andersen, 2006 Ram 3500, 2003 Lance 1121

“Smokey Mountain National Park.” – Mike Chiles, 2015 Ram 3500, 2013 Lance 1050S

“Yellowstone!  I was lucky in my youth to work there for the Yellowstone Park Complete, and later as a Park Ranger.  It has the biggest variety of terrain, environment, animals, and activities.  Historically it was the first – and to me – always the best.” – Ken Cramer, 2013 Ram 3500, 2016 Northern Lite 10.2

“Denali!” – Rick Guffey, 2012 Ram 2500, 2013 Hallmark Everest

“For us it would be a no-brainer.  It’s Yosemite National Park without a moment’s hesitation.  We both enjoy photography and the photo opportunities there are endless and change by the season.  Plus, it is located within easy driving distance of other parts of the Sierra, including the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, etc.  Yellowstone would be our second choice.  Ideally, it would be about 40 years ago, before the world beat a path to their gates.” – Joe Sesto, 2015 Silverado 3500, Bigfoot 2500 10.6e

North Rim of the Grand Canyon glorious

“The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is my favorite place on earth.  The scenery is wonderful and the colors of the canyon are surreal.  It is remote and not filled with too many tourists.  The hiking options are great.  The canyon just sits there all the time being beautiful.  I cried the first time I saw the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.” – Diane Grefer, 2008 Dodge Ram, 2013 Four Wheel Hawk

“Acadia.” – George Elliott, 2007 Ford F250, 2007 Lance 845

Grand Teton national park, lake and mountains

“I choose Grand Teton National Park.  My first choice was Arcadia National Park, but they don’t have full hookups in the park.  Grand Teton National Park has Coulter Bay with full hookups and cell service.” – George Visconti, 2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD, 2016 Arctic Fox 990

“This was both a hard question and an easy one.  There are so many great options that it is hard to choose just one.

On the other hand, Yellowstone National Park would get my vote hands down.  We have been there several times and each time we discover something that we never knew about the area.

I would love to spend the remainder of my days discovering all the beauty that is in Yellowstone National Park!” – Eddie Fort, 2006 Ford F350, 2016 Hallmark Everest

“Yellowstone National Park.  Why?  There are a great variety of areas to explore, it’s open all year, and wildlife photography is everywhere.  There are full hookups at Fishing Bridge, an extensive road system, trails, and great fishing.” – Candy Krewer, 1995 Dodge, 2005 Lance 1181

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