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The Amphicamper Camper-Boat Vote Is In

“No.  My wife does not like the water that well and I get sea sick.  Being inside with waves rocking the boat would not be good for me.

I like my current setup really well.  Pop-up truck campers are great!  At least mine is.” – Matt Reinker, 2006 Chevy 1500, 2007 Northstar TC650

“I think it’s a cool idea.  I love the thought of folding out the pontoons, launching the rig, and having a place to fish and sleep.  I grew up playing around with a pontoon boat, so it would be a easy conversion for me.  Think about not having to hauling around a boat trailer, and a bug-less place to sleep on the water.  What’s not to like?” – Blake Hooper, no truck yet, no camper yet

“To each his own.  We prefer our camper mounted on a pickup, on terra firma!  If we want, we can still tow a boat behind.  There are plenty of small cruisers with cabins, 25 feet or so that can sleep three or four.  It’s much cheaper too, as everything with marine parts costs more.” – Mike Kolinski, 2012 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

“No.  Why?  As a boat builder I prefer to use and sail real boats.” – Dave Scobie, 2007 Toyota Tundra, 2015 Outfitter Caribou lite 6.5

“Probably not.  I use to have a sea ray 28 foot cruiser.  If you like boating, it’s just right for the great lakes.  But I can’t see an amphicamper in any rough water. S o this would not be for me.  And, it’s probably not very safe.  It looks like a calm water unit.” – Charlie Young, 2013 Chevy 2500HD, 2012 Whitewater 865

“Yes.  The reasons why are simple; both size and affordability.  The size makes it easy to move around to our few and far between large reservoirs in this part of the country.  It won’t take a semi to move it either.” – James Thomas, Ford F350, 2013 Host Shasta

“No.  I have a boat and a camper.  A combo will never be as good as an individual unit.  Plus, I am a sailor.  I can’t see a sail on that rig!” – Ron Wolfgram, 2002 Ford F250, 2006 Adventurer

“Yes, I would like a small houseboat, when needed.  I would be able to get to more isolated spots then the roads would allow.  With newer materials, the weight would be lightened up to less then 1000 pounds for small bed pickups, and probably the same for the larger bed sized camper.” – Debra Eichner



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