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Dennis: If I had to do it again, I would have taken space out of the front tall storage area.  That way I could have moved the camper forward more.

I put the receiver hitch on two months ago and it worked out well.  I’m glad I don’t need an extension to pull the boat or snowmobile trailer.  If you have to put an extension on, you weaken the ability to pull a 17,000 pound boat.

I didn’t know I had a Canadian spread, which is the tandem rear axle distance.  When I went to get my diesel’s emission testing done, my truck didn’t fit on the rack.  That was one of the gotchas.  I had to go to a different shop where it would fit.  I think I’m 4-inches further apart on the back axles.  That gives me increased load carrying capacity.

TCM: Now that the rig is built and paid for, has it worked out as you originally hoped?

Dennis: The semi and camper together are working out really well!  We get lots of folks giving us thumbs up and taking pictures.

I could buy three Volvos for the cost of a brand new Ford F350 diesel.  If something goes wrong and I have to drop $5,000 into it, it doesn’t sting so much.

Dennis Lynton’s Rig
Truck: 2006 Volvo 670, diesel
Camper: 2007 Arctic Fox 1150
Tie-Downs: Torklift Fastguns

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