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Sport Cam 1158Z – The Crawling Truck Camper

In Denver, Colorado, we saw a truck camper literally crawl out of a truck.  Like someone who just saw an alien spaceship land, we grabbed our camera and started taking pictures.

Sport Cam Camper Loaded On Truck

Above: The Sport Cam on a Dodge Ram 3500

Darned if this thing isn’t the most unusual truck camper we had ever seen.  And who would believe it without pictures.  A crawling truck camper?  Meet the Sport Cam 1158Z and get ready to believe!

Sport Cam 1158Z Loading On Truck

Above: The Sport Cam halfway out of the truck

As if crawling isn’t enough, the Sport Cam has another insanely unique feature.  It’s a two-piece fiberglass shell design joined not with top-and-bottom-halves as with Northern Lite and Bigfoot truck campers, but left-and-right-halves, like the Roamer Campers!

Sport Cam 1158Z Off Truck Loading Mechanism

Above: Off the truck – note the center seam down the middle of the nose

That’s right, this camper has a seam running down the center.  The designers were either ingenious or nuts.  Judging by the high quality and excellent condition of the unit we saw, we’d have to go with ingenious.

Sport Cam 1158Z Push Button Loading

Above: The Sport Cam brochure

Inside the Sport Cam (yes we went inside the spaceship) there was a brochure.  There we saw what has to be the craziest option ever to be printed in a truck camper brochure; two optional ice fishing holes!  Ice fishing holes?  Two?

You read that correctly, the Sport Cam had two ice fishing holes as an option.  We can’t make this stuff up.

Sport Cam 1158Z Interior

Above: Check out the port holes in the cabover bedroom of the camper

Sport Cam 1158Z Kitchen

Above: Sport Cam 1158Z kitchen

Sport Cam 1158Z Wet Bath

Above: Sport Cam 1158Z wet bath

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