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Sport-Cam 1158Z – The Crawling Truck Camper

We once saw a clam shell fiberglass truck camper literally crawl out of a truck.  With removable wheels and a permanently-mounted loading and unloading contraption, the Sport-Cam remains one of the craziest truck campers we’ve ever seen.

Sport Cam Camper Loaded On Truck

Who would believe this without pictures?  A crawling truck camper?  Meet the Sport-Cam 1158Z and get ready to believe!

Sport Cam 1158Z Loading On Truck

Above: The Sport-Cam halfway out of the truck.  Yes, this camper has wheels.

The Sport-Cam is a two-piece fiberglass shell design joined not with top-and-bottom-halves as with Northern Lite and Bigfoot truck campers, but left-and-right-halves, like the also extinct Roamer Campers!

Sport Cam 1158Z Off Truck Loading Mechanism

Note the vertical fiberglass seam.  The contraption under the nose is part of the unique loading and unloading mechanism.  The Sport-Cam designers were either ingenious or nuts.

Sport Cam 1158Z Push Button Loading

Inside the Sport-Cam was a brochure.  There we discovered what has to be the craziest truck camper option ever; two optional ice fishing holes!  Ice fishing holes?  Two?  We can’t make this stuff up.

Sport Cam 1158Z Interior

Above: Check out the marine-style port holes in the cabover bedroom

Sport Cam 1158Z Kitchen

Above: The rear passenger’s side featured a straight kitchen

Sport Cam 1158Z Wet Bath

Above: The Sport-Cam had a small molded fiberglass wet bath

Inside SportCam Camper

The cabover is sparse with no storage.  With the port hold windows, this space would not be for everyone.

Sport Cam 1158Z Rolling Loading

Five Star RV unloaded the Sport-Cam from the truck during our visit.  Rather than try to explain how the Sport-Cam 1158Z crawls in and out of a truck, we have included the following description from the Sport-Cam brochure:

Start by disconnecting the running lights and connecting the remote control unit.  Make sure the rear tie downs are disconnected.  Attach the wheels and insert the locking pins.

Sport Cam 1158Z Rolling Loading Wheels Down

Then attach the support legs and insert the locking pins.  Step back, move the remote control to the ‘R’ position and press the red button to begin unloading the Sport-Cam.

Sport Cam 1158Z Rolling It Off Truck 3

At the halfway point, stop the process and turn the leveling jacks to the vertical position.  Continue unloading.

Sport Cam 1158Z Wheels On Ground 4

The Sport Cam will automatically unhook from the truck.

Sport Cam 1158Z Stabilizers Down

When the Sport Cam is completely lowered, disconnect the remote control unit and your truck is free to drive away!

Sport Cam 1158Z No Jacks

To reload the Sport-Cam, simply reverse the process.  So fast and easy too!

Sport Cam Drivers Side Outside

Ken and Barbara Neechiporenko of Bismark, North Dakota traded in the Sport-Cam for a brand new Northern Lite.  They told us that Sport-Cam was out of Schofield, Wisconsin and was no longer in business.

As the Neechiporenkos moved their stuff from the Sport-Cam to the new Northern Lite, you could see the excitement in their eyes.  They were a bit sad to see their Sport-Cam go, but they were really looking forward to a new beginning with the Northern Lite.

Sport Cam 1158Z Advertisement

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