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Woolrich Limited Edition Four Wheel Campers

Overall, we were in conversations with Woolrich for about a year.  There wasn’t really any settling throughout the process.  Everybody was pushing for the best possible final product.

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Above: More pictures of the factory and manufacturing process

TCM: Woolrich is a 187 year old outdoor clothing company from Pennsylvania.  Four Wheel Campers is a 45 year old pop-up camper company from Colorado and California.  What’s the opportunity for these two companies to work together?

Robert: The opportunity to partner with a company with the reputation and longevity of Woolrich would be exciting for any organization.  Woolrich is iconic.

The Woolrich partnership allows Four Wheel Campers to appeal to markets that are not currently aware of our brand or products.  There’s a large segment of outdoor oriented people who don’t know about Four Wheel Campers.  The product concept is something they’ve never seen before.  The Woolrich Limited Editions are a great product introduction for this broader market.

They are also great people to work with and have a high level of integrity.  The experience has been everything you would expect from a family business that’s been closely held for so long.  You would enjoy having a beer with the Woolrich team.

flat aluminum skin on Woolrich Edition Four Wheel Campers

Above: The flat aluminum skin on the flatbed and slide-in versions of this camper

TCM: As a fellow Pennsylvanians, we certainly would.  The first thing most Four Wheel Camper enthusiasts will notice is the use of flat aluminum skin for the exterior of the Woolrich Limited Editions.  What’s the advantage of flat aluminum versus filon fiberglass or rolled aluminum?

Matt: The smooth aluminum skin is lighter, sleeker, and more modern than filon fiberglass or corrugated aluminum.  Durability wise, the flat aluminum is going to have a longer life span.

We wanted to modernize the look.  We wanted something clean.  We like the smooth aluminum look – like an Airstream – and we wanted this camper to look different.  The aluminum also has a unique silver finish that differentiates the Woolrich Limited Editions from other Four Wheel Campers.

Woolrich Edition Truck Camper Hawk Model

Above: The etched banding trim is another feature of the Woolrich Limited Edition Camper

Another nice touch is the etched banding trim.  It’s a single piece aluminum extrusion with no vinyl that can degrade over time.  Additionally, there are some stainless up-fit trim pieces.  Even small things like the water fill ports are more premium on the Woolrich Limited Editions.

The team at Four Wheel Campers worked hard to color match the backside of the water heater, the furnace, and refrigerator vents.  The goal was to negate the color variances and make an even cleaner look.

retro Four Wheel Campers logo and the Woolrich classic logo

Above: The retro Four Wheel Campers logo and the Woolrich classic logo

They even used the retro Four Wheel Campers logo to tie into the look of Woolrich’s classic logo.  The two logos look great together on the campers.

TCM: If the aluminum skin is popular, might we see that feature available in the future?

Robert: That’s a good question and not one that I can answer right now.  It’s certainly possible that we will offer another type of smooth skin, if that’s what the marketplace wants.  As of now, the flat aluminum skin will be exclusive to the Woolrich Limited Edition models.

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