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Arctic Fox Tall Contour Profile Cabover Nose

Just five weeks since making their Arctic Fox truck camper announcements in TCM, Northwood announces an all-new tall contour profile front cabover nose.  We smell a story!


Donald Cochran, Director of Sales for Northwood Manufacturing, kept alluding to a big exterior change during our Arctic Fox Announcement interview, but he wasn’t telling.  At the end of the interview, Donald said, “We have a couple things that are coming right around the corner that we’ll let you and your readers know about.”  When we asked him off the record what all the hub-bub was about, he still wasn’t telling.

Donald had twisted the classic pitch, “But wait, there’s more” into, “There’s more, but wait.”  It’s like that old joke, “Do you know how to keep a turkey in suspense?  Tell you later.”  After that interview, we were definitely in suspense.

Then we received an email from Northwood late last week announcing the “Tall Contour Profile Cabover”.  This must be the big news we were waiting for.  Our turkey in suspense days were over, but what’s this Tall Contour Profile Cabover all about?

Why that shape?  How’s it made?  What does it look like inside?  Does it cost more?  What’s does it weigh?  And when will it be available?  We could smell a story, but details were scant.

As professional journalists, it’s our job to get nosy.  To get the total bill, the uncut muzzle, and the complete beak and sneezer on this new schnoz, we picked up the horn and contacted Donald.


Above: The Tall Contour Profile front cabover nose for 2014 Arctic Fox campers

TCM: Why did Northwood develop the Tall Contour Profile front cabover nose?

Donald: We are always looking for ways to improve the product for the end user.  Here we had an opportunity to add more headroom and storage in the nose of the cabover for the customer while simultaneously addressing the aesthetic appeal by softening the front profile contour.

Above: The new nose has raised the headroom in the cabover by four inches

The initial goal was to increase the headroom, which we have by a significant four inches.  The front wardrobes are also raised four-inches to match the new profile creating more dimensional storage along with the increase in headroom.


Above: The previous generation cabover nose next to the newly updated nose

TCM: What was the process to develop this new nose profile?

Donald: Our in-house Product Development Team conceptualized several different versions for review.  From there it became a process of elimination by weighing out several factors including proven construction techniques, potential dimensional gain, and overall eye-appeal.


Above: Continuous, one-piece fiberglass construction

TCM: Are there any changes to materials and construction for the new front nose?

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