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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2018 Phoenix Geo-Den Flip

Also, the price is lower on the Geo-Den Flip.  You can save several thousand dollars going from a cabover model to the cabover-less Flip.  For minimalists who want to save money, save weight, and match a camper to a light duty truck with no mods, the Flip is perfect.

Geo Den Flip Camper Interior

TCM: Is the Phoenix Geo-Den Flip based on the original Geo-Den design, or is it a completely new design?

Robby: It’s a new floor plan.  The most obvious difference between the original Geo-Den and the Flip is the flip-over bed and tall roof, but the rest of the camper is new as well.

Geo Den Flip Tent Light Open

The original Geo-Den had couches on both sides and a mini kitchen in front.  The Flip has ten times more cabinetry and storage than the original Geo-Den and the kitchen is always set-up and ready to use.  The Flip is a much better design; more spacious, more functional, and a lot more comfortable.

1920s Pop Up And Out Camper

Above: The inspiration for the flip-over bed came from the 1920s

TCM: The pop-up portion of the Flip is something we haven’t quite seen before.  Where did that concept come from?

Robby: The flip-over cabover was inspired by pictures I came across of 1920’s vehicles with flip-out bed areas.  The idea has been out there forever.  European and Australian campers have flip-over beds and rooftop tents employ a similar approach.

1920s Fold Out Truck Campers

With the Flip, I am adopting this tried and true design concept to create a lighter weight, lower profile, and extremely comfortable Phoenix Custom Camper.  We are really excited about the Geo Den Flip.

Geo Den Flip Skeleton Tent

Above: The flip-over roof mechanism of the Geo-Den Flip

TCM: How does the flip-over roof work?  It looks like it might be hard to open and close.

Robby: That’s the coolest thing about it.  It’s almost as easy to use as our regular pop-up campers.

Roof Latches For Geo Den Flip Camper

On the back of camper you undo two latches (see above).

Steel Ball Attachment And Bracket To Lock The Push And Support Rod Onto

There is a quick connect with a rod.  You push the rod up and over and the roof flips-open (see above and below).

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