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2014 Palomino RV Announcements

The main difference with the new roof is a much lower profile.  The sides of our pop-up roofs were eight to nine inches from top to bottom.  The new pop-up roof profile is about four inches.

TCM: Is it a full-walk on roof?

Pat: We don’t promote our pop-up roofs as full-walk on roofs, but they have a weight rating of 300 pounds.  Customers can install an aftermarket roof rack for carrying kayaks, storage pods, and bikes, as long as the total weight on the roof, including an optional air conditioner, does not exceed 300 pounds.

We recommend removing all gear stored on the roof before popping up the roof.  This makes sure the roof doesn’t sway.


Above: The new one-piece sidewall

TCM: Are there any changes to the structure or sidewalls of the new pop-ups?

Pat: We used to have a two piece side wall.  The first piece was the main body of camper.  The second piece was the wing on the back.

For 2014, we have gone to a one piece side wall.  This eliminates an extrusion and makes for an overall stronger sidewall.  The rest of the pop-up sidewall construction remains the same; wood frame, wall board, one-inch black foam, gel coat fiberglass, and vacuum bonded.  Our campers have always been structurally strong with our vacuum bonding process.


Above: The new one-piece 55″ entry door

TCM: You also have a new entry door for your pop-up models.  Why did you make this change?

Pat: We have eliminated the two piece full size door and went to a one piece door.  The new door is quite different than what other manufacturers are using.  It’s a custom 55” door designed especially for Palomino soft-side truck campers.  Most of our competitors are using a 46 or 47 inch door.

TCM: How did you accommodate a 55” one-piece door?

Pat: We raised the side wall profile of the camper about five inches.

TCM: But doesn’t that raise the profile of the camper when driving down the road?

Pat: That’s why we lowered the roof profile.  We realize that pop-up truck camper owners want a low profile for less drag and better fuel mileage.  With the raised profile of our side walls, and the lowered profile of our roofs, the overall camper height increased less than two inches.

Beyond allowing for a larger entry door, there are other tremendous advantages to the raised sidewalls.  We were able to build larger cabinetry for increased storage.  There’s even more clearance for the counter tops.

Our previous generation two-piece pop-up doors didn’t allow entry with the top down.  With our new raised side walls and one-piece door, you can get into the camper and use it with the top down.

You also have a lot of interior head room when using the camper with the top down.  I’m 5’10” and I can walk in the door, grab something to eat, sit down at the dinette, and not have to open the roof.  With our new electric roof it is easy to lift anyway, but at least now you have the choice.  We made improvements everywhere possible for our new pop-up camper line.

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