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Supertramp Knocks Socks at Expo West

Ankle, crew, and a few knee-high socks were sent flying at the Supertramp booth at Expo West. Were all these bare feet due to the all-new Megatron or the Flagship LT? Yes, and yes!

Expo West 2024 Supertramp Campers

Supertramp had socks rolling up and down and flying and at Overland Expo West 2024 with the debut of the all-new Supertramp Megatron.

Technically, the Megatron is not a truck camper—it doesn’t demount—but I have to admit my socks flew out the proverbial thermal pane window when I saw Supertramp’s all-new chassis mount beauty.

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Supertramp Megatron 1
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Supertramp Megatron 2
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Supertramp Megatron 4

If you want to see what this young and brilliant company is capable of, look no further. With Megatron, there’s more than meets the eye.

Supertramp Flagship LT Exterior

While Megatron collected socks, Supertramp’s Flagship LT units were no less popular at Expo West.

Supertramp Booth At Expo West 2024

Like the Megatron, the Flagship LT pop-up campers are made with vacuum-infused fiberglass and include a long list of standardized systems.

Supertramp Flagship Interior Ceiling

From inside a Flagship LT, the one-piece vacuum-infused fiberglass top really showcases why Supertramp selected this process for their roofs. With the naked eye, you can admire the absence of seams and the clean design. What you can’t see is the exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio afforded by this construction technique.

Supertramp Flagship Interior Blue

The clean design continues throughout the rest of the Flagship LT. With the optional window (shown on the driver’s side), the space is exceptionally bright, open, and inviting.

Supertramp Flagship Interior

The bamboo kitchen countertop looks ready to land an F/A-18 Super Hornet, at least if the built-in flush mount cooktop lid is down. On the driver’s side, the L-shape seating area is equally spacious with an optional shower and porta-potty under the rear wall cushion.

Supertramp Flagship Interior Cabinetry

The kitchen area is a study in densely packed function with a 12-volt refrigerator, pull-out drawer, electrical system, Truma heat and hot water system, and the aforementioned cooktop and sink.

Supertramp Tops Down

From experience, it’s extremely hard to make something complex look clean and simple. In doing so, Supertramp has found a design language that stands out in the greater overland and truck camper marketplace.

For more information on Supertramp Campers, visit their website at Click here for a Supertramp Camper brochure.


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