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Announcing the 2024 Supertramp Flagship LT

Supertramp challenges state-of-the-art pop-up camper design with a vacuum infused fiberglass shell, standardized systems, and specs that push the envelope. Attention pop-up camper enthusiasts; Supertramp is raising the roof.

Announcing Supertramp Flagship LT Truck Camper

For the full backstory on Supertramp Campers and their vacuum infused fiberglass construction, start with ‘Introducing Supertramp Campers’.

This past August, Angela and I were invited to visit Supertramp Campers in Golden, Colorado. Right off the bat, Keith and Kelsey Panich, Co-Owners of Supertramp Campers, engaged us with their infectious passion for truck campers and determination to continuously improve every aspect of their company and product.

Then they opened the doors to Supertramp’s production area and showed us their 3D printers, water jet, CNC machines, and vacuum infusion fiberglass process. As we walked the factory, Keith and Kelsey explained how their advanced equipment not only ensured the highest tolerances and repeatable quality, but also provided the safest process and environment for their team.

After answering a barrage of our questions, Keith and Kelsey took us on a walk. Naturally, Angela and I followed thinking that this was part of their progressive work-life balance. Then we arrived at their second facility about a half-mile from the first. “Wait, you have a second factory?”

Before we entered the assembly line, I teased Keith that they clearly didn’t understand that truck camper factories are supposed to be located in commercial districts within a stone’s throw of an active train line. Keith smiled and said, “We pay more to be in Golden, but we want people to want to work here. Plus we have a great view of the Front Range (Rocky Mountains).” Kelsey added that they have a waiting list of qualified people who want to work at Supertramp. Holy smokes.

On the production line we found a row of 2024 Supertramp Flagship LT pop-up truck campers in various stages of final finishing. The vacuum infused fiberglass shells featured automotive quality exterior paint and decals selected by each customer. The interiors were clean and modern with bamboo countertops, vacuum infused fiberglass cabinetry, and coordinated cool or warm interior color palettes.

Looking beyond the colors, the product uniformity was the picture of manufacturing quality and consistency. To say our interest was piqued would be a gross understatement. We wanted to know more – no everything – about this exciting pop-up camper.

For a deep dive into every facet of the 2024 Supertramp Flagship LT, we talked to Kelsey Panich, Chief Operations Officer of Supertramp Campers.

Supertramp Flagship LT Floor Plan

2024 Supertramp Flagship LT

The 2024 Supertramp Flagship LT is a pop-up truck camper made for short bed or long bed trucks. The interior floor length of the Supertramp Flagship LT is 82″, the interior height is 6’9″, and the center of gravity is forward of the rear axle.

The Supertramp Flagship LT has a 24-gallon fresh tank, up to a 10 gallon grey tank, an on-demand 2.5 gallon water heater, and an optional porta-potty or cassette toilet. It can accommodate two batteries and two 11-pound propane tanks.

Supertramp is reporting the base weight of the 2024 Supertramp Flagship LT to be 1,350-pounds. The base MSRP is $59,975. Click here to request more information about the Supertramp Flagship LT.

Supertramp Flagship LT with pop-up roof up

The Supertramp Flagship LT is designed for full-size trucks. Does that include all half-tons all the way up to one-ton long bed dually trucks?

The most popular truck for our Flagship LT has been a three-quarter ton. If you get a higher-capacity truck, the camper feels even lighter. The 6.5’ bed length is our happy place. It’s really not for 5.5’ super short beds.

The Flagship LT can also fit an 8’ long bed, but there’s a 10 to 16-inch gap in front of the camper; behind the truck cab. Some customers use that space for a toolbox, camp chairs, or additional storage.

We have installed the Flagship LT on half-tons, but the customer needs to do their research on the GVWR and suspension requirements. Those camper builds are typically minimalistic.

Supertramp Flagship LT with bikes mounted

Will you be building a Supertramp for the mid-size truck market at some point?

That’s something we see as an opportunity, but not for the immediate future.

How does the Supertramp Flagship LT tie down to a truck?

One of the pain points of truck campers has been unwieldily turnbuckles or the stress of having to reach inside your camper and hook into the truck bed while loading. We found those solutions to be cumbersome and sometimes allowed campers to move in the truck bed.

We developed our own proprietary tie-down system. It’s an installed bracket in the rear of the truck. The bracket connects to pins that are infused into the sidewall of the camper. When you lower the camper into place, the pins connect to that bracket. In the rear of the camper, we use two Torklift Fastguns that pull in opposite directions. The Fastguns make it impossible for the camper to move front to back or side to side.

With the Torklift Fastguns, we install two small brackets in the rear. We forgo the eye bolts in the truck because we’re looking for a stronger connection. We also run electrical from the truck battery to the camper. Any time you are driving, you are getting 30-amps of charge into your camper batteries. That’s standard for every install.

Is the tie-down bracket removable?

The bracket is a semi-permanent solution. You are not going to take the bracket out once you take the camper out. It lives in the truck bed. It’s a heavy-duty steel bracket with a minimal profile in the truck bed. With the camper removed, you can still carry a pallet or throw firewood in your truck.

Supertramp Flagship LT in Gold

Above: The Rieco-Titan jacks removed with decorative plates installed over the jack brackets

The Flagship LT uses removable (mechanical) Rieco-Titan jacks. Are those field removable?

We do not have a quick-release system for our camper jacks. The jacks are removable with the four bolts that go into each bracket. Most of our customers have our campers on their trucks as dedicated adventure rigs. Normally we send the jacks home with the customer in the rear of the truck or camper. We provide a decorative plate to go over the Rieco-Titan installation brackets.

What is the recommended entry step system for a Supertramp?

The most common step solution our customers use is a Little Giant three or four-step ladder. Customers also use hitch insert steps. Some have a bike rack carrier with a rig hitch that offers a step.

Supertramp Flagship LT color choices

In the photos, the Supertramp Flagship LT models are sometimes different colors with different color stripes. Tell us about the exterior color and paint options.

The Supertramp Flagship LT comes standard in a high gloss white. There are three different paint upgrades; Battleship Grey, Forest Green, and Sand Dune Tan. Those are single-stage automotive paint that we do in-house. Then, we coat the underbed all the way to the base of the camper in black Rhino liner.

In addition to the paint options, we also offer a 3M wrap. If you are really looking for the ultimate in aesthetics, the 3M wrap allows you to pick pretty much any color from a deck of colors; silver, camo, metallics, and beyond. If you want to remove the wrap five years later, you still have a high-gloss white camper underneath. It gives you a fresh exterior layer again.

Our mountain stripes come standard. There are four colors to choose from; Dull Night (grey set), Glacial Valley (blue set), Desert Mesa (red set), and Anthracite (grey set with top red stripe). The Anthracite with the red stripe really pops off the camper.

“We want our campers to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s just like when you go into your home. It feels better when it looks nice.”

People are making big investments in trucks. You have this beautiful truck and we want the camper to complement that. It’s been fun to see what people do. We had a customer with a fire engine red truck with the red decals on the camper exterior. It was a complete unit. We value aesthetics and functionality. We want our campers to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s just like when you go into your home. It feels better when it looks nice.

Supertramp Rhino Liner

Why did you decide to Rhino line the camper base?

There are multiple reasons. The Rhino liner breaks up the camper from being an all-white unit and creates a two-tone aesthetic. The Rhino liner protects the camper from rock chips while off-roading. Those trickier areas to reach and clean are easier to service. Bugs are easier to clean off. Finally, when you’re loading and unloading, not everyone is a perfect shot. The Rhino liner gives the camper extra protection.

Supertramp In House Paint

Are you Rhino lining your camper bases in-house?

Yes. First, we paint the camper (pictured above). Then we tape off the painted area and apply the Rhino liner. Both the painting and Rhino lining processes are done in-house.

Supertramp Arctic Tern Big Window

One of the Flagship LT options is a 42-inch Arctic Tern window. This is a large window in any camper, never mind a pop-up unit. Does this window affect the structural integrity of your fiberglass camper shell?

We have 1.5-inch thick walls and a fiberglass laminate schedule. There’s a 6-inch gap between the top of the camper and the lower portion for structural strength.

Our composites provider does FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing for us. We had them run the window option through their FEA testing. We also conducted testing ourselves. After the FEA and our testing, we saw no structural integrity issues.

Supertramp Wrap Around Window

The design of the Flagship LT soft walls with its angles and four large windows are definitely eye-catching. Tell us about your soft wall materials, layers, and insulation.

Both of us were backpackers in the past. With a tent, you have massive windows to look out of. We wanted large windows when you open them up so you feel like you are outside and enjoying that space. We also wanted to move away from Velcro. I find Velcro undesirable as an end user. I felt zippers were a far superior solution.

Supertramp Cactus Interior With Soft Wall Screens Open

Above: Supertramp Cactus interior

We wanted a zippered mesh, a zippered clear vinyl, and a zippered insulated layer. You can let any bugs out with the zippered mesh. The clear vinyl allows you to be in cold or bad weather and still have light. Insulation was also paramount. We didn’t want you to have to add an insulation kit. Ironically, when our prototypes were done, it was ski season. We wanted something capable of winter camping.

Supertramp Flagship LT Sunset

We also wanted to do something different than traditional vinyl. Vinyl does not have a homey feel. We use a marine awning material. The marine awning material has an inviting look and feel. We wanted high durability and strength, but also the ability to fold it up neatly. Typically the marine awning material used on sailboats is quickly deployed to an awning, torn down, and folded back up.

Then we looked for an insulation material. We tested many different insulations. We wanted something that was anti-microbial, didn’t prevent the ability for it to raise and lower, and wasn’t too heavy. We looked at a lot of insulations and performed testing for functionality. We landed on a high-end insulation material that is sewn into the whole camper.

Supertramp Camper Zipper Close Up

The shape of the window compliments the angles of the camper. The zippers function well and provide a nice large opening. We initially had smaller zippers, but Scott Brady took our camper out and had concerns about the zippers. We immediately doubled the size of the zippers from a #5 to a #10. Now we have beefy scuba-sized zippers. By doing it all in-house, we were able to pivot and make the change.

Supertramp Back Wall Diagram

Does the Supertramp Flagship LT have a basement?

Yes. The Flagship LT basement is 6-inches tall and hides many of the heavy components that we want to keep low. From the front to back, the biggest item is the 24 gallon fresh water tank. It’s all the way front and low for the center of gravity.

When you open the driver side booth, the storage area is 23 inches deep. You are really seeing the basement floor in that space. Underneath the booth is where our optional inside shower is located. The optional shower includes a 5 gallon grey tank.

Supertramp Basement With Pull Out Drawer

The basement also has a 52-inch pull-out drawer. We wanted to create a space for muddy boots or adventure gear. You can easily access those items in the pull-out drawer. We take advantage of every single space in our camper.

Supertramp Camper Popped Up

The Supertramp Flagship LT doesn’t have a typical T underbody. Why is that?

Supertramp Campers follow the wheel well contours of the truck. Most truck campers are straight, making the floor plans about 12 inches narrower. Our campers are larger because they follow the wheel well contours of the truck, so there’s more storage. On the other side are two 11-pound propane tanks on a slide-out drawer. In front of that are the lithium batteries. We have ducting for the heat line in between the pull-out drawer and the fresh water tank to keep the basement warm.

“Our campers are larger because they follow the wheel well contours of the truck, so there’s more storage.”

Is Flagship LT harder to load because of the contours?

That is the one con, but the Flagship LT fully occupies your truck bed. We take advantage of every single inch by following that wheel well contour. For how many times our customers take their campers on and off, the additional 12 inches of living space and storage is a significant net gain. That’s more important than having a little harder time loading.

We looked at every single truck on the market and took measurements. We also looked at different years. The goal was to build to the contour of the skinniest truck and the highest truck bed rails. The Toyota Tundra hit that description, so we designed around that truck. The difference is only a half-inch to one-inch with different makes and models.

Supertramp Cabinetry

Talk to us about the rest of the camper build including your cabinetry. Is it all fiberglass?

The Flagship LT is a fully composite camper. The door fronts and doors are aluminum to break it up a little.

Supertramp Aluminum Drawers

Nearly everything else is fiberglass composite. The light aesthetic brightens the interior and makes it feel larger inside. Fiberglass is also super durable and easy to clean. If there’s ever a water spill, it won’t ruin the cabinetry. We have eight cushion colors and white complements all of them.

Supertramp Kitchen Storage

Is there any wood inside your camper?

The countertops are bamboo. And when you open the kitchenette drawer, we made the kitchen storage out of bamboo. The counter is a 30 x 60 inch bamboo top. Aesthetically, the bamboo is really nice. It pulls everything together. That’s the only wood in the entire camper.

Supertramp Underbed Storage

Where’s the storage inside the Flagship LT?

There’s 34 cubic feet of storage in the Flagship LT. Our underbed storage is a game changer. There are four large bays under the bed. Not only is that storage super functional, but it also provides a nice air gap from the exterior of the camper. This helps to insulate the cabover bed from the cold. On a lot of campers, you are laying right on the material that is exposed to the outside making your bed cold.

Supertramp Driver Side Booth

Above: Driver side booth storage

Under the rear booth over the fresh tank is all storage. That area is 21 x 15 x 50 inches. Under the driver side booth is 23 x 11 x 21 inches; all storage again. Then you have the 52-inch pull-out drawer for storage and the kitchenette has storage. We have found lots of space to put things away.

We also have L-tracks on the ceiling and the side wall where you can hang soft good bags, cargo nets, and gear. Things like that give everything a place and it makes a big difference.

Does the dinette convert into a bed?

Yes. It’s an L-shaped couch. One side is 80 x 24 inches, and the other is 80 x 21 inches. The 80 x 24-inch area is a more natural spot for an adult. I’m 5’9” and have slept on the 80 x 24-inch area just fine. Two kids could sleep on the L-shape couch. There’s also a bunk bed option that can hang vertically on the L-track side wall and flip up. That’s also another 80 x 24-inch platform. The perk to that is not having to step over your kid.

Supertramp Flagship LT Isotherm Refrigerator

The Supertramp Flagship LT comes standard with a 65L Isotherm 12-volt refrigerator. Do customers have any choices with the refrigerator?

With our campers, you get the 65L Isotherm (2.3 cubic feet). Its efficiency is stellar. At the Overland Expos, we used it all day long. The 330-watts of solar does a good job keeping it powered. Our customers are getting the performance they are expecting out of the unit.

We have had requests for a larger refrigerator, but there is not enough space. Some of our full-time customers have looked into secondary freezer solutions in their trucks or campers.

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Crevasse interior

Crevasse interior

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Chuparosa interior

Chuparosa interior

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Iceberg Interior

Iceberg Interior

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Moraine Interior

Moraine Interior

For your interiors, you offer two choices; Glacial Valley and Desert Mesa. Then there’s an assortment of cushion colors customers can choose from. What are these colors?

The Glacial Valley is a grey palette. It’s a grey tweed, grey carpet with some blue, and grey flex form carpet in the storage area. Then, there are four different cushion colors that go with the grey palette; Fjord is dark blue, Iceberg is light blue, Moraine is light grey, and Crevasse is dark grey.

Glacial Valley Decor Supertramp

Desert Mesa is brown tones. It’s brown-gold carpet, brown flex-form carpet in the storage areas, and then brown tweed. The cushions are Dune which is orange, Bedrock is brown, Cactus is green, and Chuparosa (a desert plant) is red.

Desert Mesa Decor Supertramp

There are a lot of color choices and combinations to pick from. I think we provide an adaptable palette from which to pick your pillows, blankets, and bedding. Your cushions are important, but your bedding is the biggest thing people see when they walk into your camper.

Supertramp Linear Actuators

Why did you choose electric linear actuators for the Flagship LT?

We want to push what is standard in the industry. We felt electric lift systems were more with the times. We wanted an electric lift that was a simple solution to raise and lower the camper roof. With an electric lift system, moving campsites is less cumbersome, or having lunch in the camper is not a big to do. It’s easy. Just pop it up. It only takes 10 seconds.

We eliminated the need for six clasps to hold the roof down. The electric linear actuators are programmed to lock into place when they reach their final up or down position.

This is another way we differentiate ourselves from other companies. Older or shorter customers were sometimes challenged reaching the roof clasps. Other customers might be challenged lifting the roof with a snow load. With the electric lift system, we eliminated these issues.

“We eliminated the need for six clasps to hold the roof down. The electric linear actuators are programmed to lock into place when they reach their final up or down position.”

Are there any other steps to the lifting and lowering process? Is it just a button push?

Technically, you should do a visual inspection to make sure there are no trees or a garage ceiling in the way. Then yes, you just press the button. The rear door should be open because the pop-up can act like a giant parachute. You will feel good air flow when you are closing the unit. Basically, it’s just pressing a button to raise it and lower it.

Supertramp Batteries Installed

The Supertramp Flagship LT comes standard with a single Battleborn 100Ah lithium battery. Can a customer either get a different lithium battery or option for a larger battery bank?

We were working with another battery brand prior to Battleborn. The most requested solution was Battleborn. When we went to them, the customer service with Battleborn was superior to anything we had ever received. They also supply all of our Victron components. They’ve been a great partner. We do not offer battery or electrical component choices. Battleborn is proven and is standard with our electrical systems.

We do not want to provide a lot of different variables. The chemistry of this lithium works well with our system. The most common is 200 amp hours. Some people need more power because of things like Starlink and air conditioners. We can go up to 400 amp hours of lithium with Battleborn 100Ah lithium batteries.

Where do the additional batteries go?

Two fit in the kitchenette area. Then there’s a space on the driver’s side where the wheel well pop out is located. Two additional batteries can fit there. A honeycomb panel and spacer can go on top so you’re not giving up the whole driver’s side booth storage. You give up about 11 inches of depth.

Supertramp Victron Components And Truma

Above: Easy to access Victron and Truma components

The Supertramp Flagship LT comes standard with a list of Victron equipment; Victron DC-DC battery converter, Victron MPPT solar controller, and Victron SmartShunt Bluetooth battery/power consumption monitor. Why did you decide to install Victron equipment into the Supertramp Flagship LT?

The Victron family of components are well developed for manufacturers. Victron is a proven brand. With the shunt and app, our customers are able to see when they plug into shore power, the DC-to-DC charge, the battery monitor, and solar status. It shows them the whole platform. We install a display monitor so customers do not need to use the app. The Victron components work well together; size, price, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Can a customer ask for different electrical equipment; for a more complex or maybe a simpler set-up?

We do not offer different electrical components. This is a proven concept. We have 65 units on the road and there have been no electrical issues. We want the best experience for our customers.

Supertramp Propane Pull Out

The Flagship LT is the first camper we’ve showcased with 11-pound propane tanks. Why did you select this propane tank size for the Flagship LT?

They fit well in the kitchenette. Every inch in our camper is important. Unused space comes down to a one to two-inch gap between the pull-out drawer and driver side booth. There is a water line there, but there’s only about an inch beside it. Everything is designed to fit well in our camper.

Propane is also one of the most dangerous things in a camper. Some campers like the ability to use a 20-pound vertical propane exchange, but people handle them for BBQs. The exchange places don’t care if it’s broken or if there’s a leak. We didn’t want the risk or stress for our customers.

With the 11-pound tanks, you own them and they are mounted safely on your camper. The upkeep is yours. Most U-Haul locations have propane fills. It came down to safety and design. It’s an 11-pound Worthington tank and there is no problem sourcing it.

Earlier you mentioned the 24 gallon fresh tank, but there’s also a grey tank for the kitchen sink. Is that built-in or removable?

It’s a 5-gallon permanently built-in grey tank. It’s flush against the back wall of the kitchenette. There’s an exit hose when you’re standing at the back of the camper and open up the shower compartment.

There’s another hose for the permanently installed 5 gallon shower grey tank. If you don’t get the shower option, you get more storage and only the kitchen sink hose. We separated the tanks so customers didn’t accidentally backfill one grey tank into the other.

Supertramp Optional Shower

Where is the optional inside shower and how does it work?

When you step into the camper, there’s a booth on the left. When you open that up, you see our portable Thetford 365 toilet. You pick that up and set it outside of the booth.

The booth is 18 x 20 inches with a drain in the bottom. We provide a shower curtain which is a high-end tent material with four hooks. There are L-track connection points on the ceiling. There are four hooks that you hook into. A zipper faces the sink. In our kitchenette compartment, there’s a 10-foot hose hooked up and ready to go.

“There are times when it’s too buggy, cold, or crowded with people for an outside shower. Having an inside shower option is a game-changer.”

There is a mixer to set the temperature. The hose goes through a carabiner. You step inside the shower area and shower. The shower curtain is 43 x 20 inches, so the pan is smaller. You could dance in it, but it’s small. The elbow space makes it feel functional. There’s 43 inches of space to take a camp shower. You only have 24 gallons of water and a 5-gallon grey tank, so it’s not a leisure shower.

We’re big mountain bikers, so going to bed cleaned off without dirt ensures a better sleep. There are times when it’s too buggy, cold, or crowded with people for an outside shower. Having an inside shower option is a game-changer.

Supertramp Cassette Toilet

Why did you opt for a Thetford 365 portable cassette toilet rather than a Wrappon or other toilet system?

If a customer prefers, the small Wrappon or the Compost Cuddy toilet fits in the same space. A lot of the other toilets are massive for a camper and don’t fit our compartment. A toilet system needs to be less than 16-inches in height. If customers are set on a toilet, they can email me and I can let them know if it will fit or not. There are new innovations in the toilet world, so it’s a hot topic. They’re getting smaller and more efficient.

My thing is that I do not want to see the toilet in our camper. It can be awkward. We didn’t want the first thing people see in a Flagship LT to be a toilet. We wanted to hide it. When the booth is closed, you can’t tell that there is a toilet in there at all. There’s a lid and a cushion making it a functional sitting space.

“When the booth is closed, you can’t tell that there is a toilet in there at all. There’s a lid and a cushion making it a functional sitting space.”

Did you consider installing a traditional RV flush toilet with a black tank?

No. We chose a Thetford portable cassette toilet because our camper is designed to be an off-grid solution. We didn’t want a black tank that required an RV place to dump. Our customers are typically going to National Forests and BLM and are off-grid. The portable tank can be dumped in any pit toilet, regular toilet, or pit with proper practices. It’s a great solution for this size camper.

“We wanted to avoid overwhelming our customers. It can be confusing to decide how much solar you need, what size battery bank is required, or what the best toilet is.”

The Supertramp Flagship LT comes with a long list of ‘pre-selected’ features as standard. Why did you decide to have a ‘pre-selected’ standard list rather than offer the customer a custom approach to options?

During our prototyping experience, we tried multiple appliances and solutions. What we’ve developed provides the right appliances and items to give you the best experience. There’s also something to be said about efficiency in production.

We wanted to avoid overwhelming our customers. It can be confusing to decide how much solar you need, what size battery bank is required, or what the best toilet is. Some people are engineers or are technically minded and enjoy making those decisions but, for me, I just want to know what the best solutions are. We have figured that out. Then our upgrades and options allow our customers to create the best camper for them.

Supertramp Camper 3D Image

The Flagship LT comes standard with three 110-watt flexible solar panels. Why did you choose a flexible panel?

We mainly did this because of weight. Our engineers looked at the efficiency and cost of the different panels. Hard panels can offer slightly more efficiency, but the cost is double. Flexible panels are a little less efficient. We use three panels instead of one and cover the roof with solar. We install 330 watts of Go Power flexible solar panels standard.

Flexible panels are easy to install and easy for the end user to replace. With flexible panels, we are not drilling holes into the roof. The bang for the buck is good, and the output is perfect for the systems we install including the 12-volt refrigerator, LED lights, and electric linear actuators.

Supertramp Solar Panels

Can a customer get more solar?

Our roof is totally booked. To add more panels you’re going to be on the slopes of the roof. Until there are more efficient panels or a complete solar roof, we’re not there yet.

Supertramp Maxxair Fan 7500

The Flagship LT comes standard with two Maxxair fans. Do you also offer an air conditioner?

Yes. We now offer the Dometic RTX 2000 12-volt air conditioner. That option would replace the Maxxair fan over the sleeping area. For those who don’t option for an air conditioner, the two Maxxair fans do a great job circulating air through the space.

Supertramp Camper Air Conditioner Interior

To power the optional air conditioner, we offer two battery options; AC Phase 1 and AC Phase 2. AC Phase 1 is 200 amp hours of lithium batteries. 200 Ah is enough if you are primarily running the air conditioner off shore power or a generator. 200 Ah only gets you about four hours of air conditioner run time (with the RTX 2000) until you need some sort of additional charge. We also increase the DC-DC converter when you get the air conditioner so that you get more juice into your battery bank.

Supertramp Camper Air Conditioner Exterior

AC Phase 2 is 400 Ah of lithium batteries. You also get a divider to more efficiently cool down the sleeping space. We ran testing on AC Phase 2 with a customer in Miami. He ran the RTX 2000 air conditioner for 10-12 hours in the evening and, with solar charging the next day, was able to do that for four nights until he needed an additional charge. He was cooling down his sleeping space at night so he could sleep. It’s not designed to have your air conditioner run 24 hours a day.

You offer the Truma Combi Eco Plus as an option. What does this model offer above the base Truma Combi?

A lot of customers are camping in the fall and winter buffer seasons. For example, they are going to national parks and getting a campsite with shore power and plugging in. The Truma Combi Eco Plus allows you to run the heat and hot water system with shore power instead of propane. If you are ski bumming with friends, you can run the power cord and power your heater off electricity. That’s where we see it the most.

There’s also peace of mind that you can run the Truma Combi Eco Plus on electric and have heat. Some customers also use the Truma Combi Eco Plus if they don’t want to winterize. You can plug the camper in at your house, set a nominal temperature on the Truma Combi Eco Plus, and not have to winterize the camper.

Supertramp Dune Cushions And Lagun Table

Above: Lagun table and Arctic Tern windows with the Dune cushions

What options do most Supertramp customers select?

The most common upgrade is the Arctic Tern driver side window. The second battery is also a common option for peace of mind. Another popular option is the 1,500-watt inverter that allows people to plug in a laptop (and other 110-volt appliances) while off-grid. Also, the Lagun table that slides into place is a common option.

What does the Supertramp Flagship LT weigh?

The Supertramp Flagship LT weighs 1,350 pounds dry with standard features. The air conditioner and 400 amp hours of batteries bring the camper to about 1,550 pounds. Those are heavy options.

What is the center of gravity of the Flagship LT?

The center of gravity is in front of the rear axle. It really varies a lot on how you load the camper and if you have a full tank of water.

What is the base MSRP for the Supertramp Flagship LT?

At this time, the Flagship LT is $59,975. That includes all standard features. The average sale price with options is $65,000.

What is the warranty for Supertramp campers?

The warranty of our campers is one year. Each appliance has its own warranties in place.

If a Supertramp customer has a warranty claim, how is that handled?

We stand behind our product. If customers have issues, they can contact
our team and we will assist them through the process. If it’s an appliance issue, all of the components in our campers are supported by national service platforms. We will find a service partner where you can go to a dealer to get the work done. For
example, Truma has traveling regional technicians. We help a customer
navigate that. If it’s something with our workmanship where Supertramp
Campers is responsible, we’ll assess it.

Fall Colors Supertramp Flagship LT

What is the process for ordering a Supertramp Flagship LT?

On our website, there’s a $100 reservation fee that’s fully refundable. Once we receive a reservation, I reach out and send you a build and spec sheet. Once that’s completed, a call is set up to go over your build and design. If you are local, you can come into our shop for that step. We go over any questions you have; what’s included, options, etc. If you can come to the shop and see the build process, that’s advantageous.

From there we present a total build-out price and require a 25 percent deposit to get into our build queue. The original $100 reservation holds your build slot for 30 days. That is the time to see if the Flagship LT is right for you. If it’s not a good fit, we refund your reservation fee.

Once the 25 percent deposit is paid, we go over your build sheet with you approximately 30 days before we build your camper. This means there is no need to make final decisions when you place your deposit. You can continue to research awnings or take another look at the cushion colors. Then you can make your final decisions during the second call that’s a month or so prior to delivery. Once your final decisions are made, we audit the remaining balance (if anything changes) a week before you pick up your camper.

If a customer orders a camper today, how long do they need to wait before delivery?

There’s currently a five-month lead time (November 2023). We can complete a camper in 3-4 weeks from start to finish.  Lead time varies from season to season. Feel free to reach out to us for our current lead time.

Supertramp Flagship LT Popup Truck Camper

Will there be any additional announcements from Supertramp in 2024?

We don’t wait around for the next year for changes to happen. We periodically update the camper for manufacturing reasons and customer input. Since we manufacture everything in-house, we are constantly making little updates and improvements through the manufacturing process.

For more information on Supertramp Campers, visit their website at Click here for a Supertramp Camper brochure.


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