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RMRV Triggers Triple-Slide Hysteria

The reactions to Rugged Mountain RV’s triple-slide Denali 3S were nothing less than hysterical at Overland Expo West. Some of what attendees said would not be fit for print in TCM. All of it was fun to watch.

Rugged Mountain at Expo West 2024

Watching the Overland Expo West attendees react to the Rugged Mountain Denali 3S was hysterical. One by one folks ascended the steps into the unit and said, “Wow!”, “Holy smokes!” and then words and expressions we typically don’t publish in these fine electrons. They really lost their minds.

Rugged Mountain Interior Main

And here’s why. We have showcased the Denali 3S a few times already in Truck Camper Magazine, but most of the Overland Expo attendees had never experienced the holy moly moment of seeing the Denali 3S triple-slide, tiny-home-inspired interior for the first time. I bet a few of you out there are having a holy moly moment yourselves. And it gets better…

Rugged Mountain Bathroom Main

The dry bath has a shower stall that the 6’3” Publisher of a certain magazine can stand in with headspace to spare. There are New York apartment owners who would trade their favorite ugly Christmas sweater for a bathroom like this.

Rugged Mountain Cabover

The cabover continues the wow factor with tons of storage, windows on both sides, and a combination skylight and escape hatch.

We were there several times as people walked down the Denali 3S stairs shaking their heads in awe. And when Jesse Collinsworth, CEO and Mastermind behind Rugged Mountain RV, got the inevitable question, the reactions were even more interesting.

“How much is this?” asked attendee after attendee.

“The camper starts at $99,400,” answered Jesse.

“Wow! That’s not bad!” said one of the attendees, accustomed to figures stretching well into six-figures at Overland Expo. And so it went.

Rugged Mountain Exterior passenger's side

Jesse did explain that the truck adds another $150K or more, but he was still well under most overland rig numbers. Hysterical.

For more information on Rugged Mountain, visit their website at Click here to get a free Rugged Mountain brochure.


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