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Louisville 2012: CampLite, Northstar, Torklift, & Palomino

Rex Willett, Vice President of Northstar Campers, and Rory Willett, President of Northstar Campers, have taken a different approach for 2013.  Rather than focus on a new model, they have been spending most of their time and attention on the assembly line at Northstar continuously looking for ways to improve quality while boosting production to meet the growing international demand for Northstar truck campers.


There’s an irony to this approach as it’s exactly what we want our truck camper leadership to be doing, but we also clammer for something new and exciting.  For the latter, Rex showed us his new countertops and table surfaces and a new arrangement in the hard side Northstar bathrooms.


The darker table and counters are in line with the current aesthetic trend in RVs.  Above you can see the interior of the Northstar Camper.


The new bathroom moves the cabinetry from over the toilet to the side giving tall people more room when using the toilet and shower.  At 6’3”, this is a change I can appreciate.

On more than one occasion during the show, Rex lamented to us how he would have much preferred being on the production line pushing the quality and quantity of production forward.  He even told us how he’s giving every truck camper that comes off the line a final and thorough look over as he looks for more and more opportunities to improve.

Of course Rex didn’t let us leave without teasing us with a new pop-up camper he’s planning for 2013, but it’s not yet ready for debut.  Naturally he promised we’ll see it here first, in TCM.


2012 TCM Bowling Tournament: Northstar Campers


Above: Rory Willett, President of Northstar Campers, had excellent bowling form and was cheered on by Northstar and Torklift International team members.


Representing Northstar Campers for the 2012 TCM Bowling Tournament was Rory Willett, President, and Jenn Crooks, Office Manager.  Here are their scores from the three frame tournament:

Rory Willett, PresidentTotal Score: 44
Jenn Crooks, Office ManagerTotal Score: 58


2012 TCM Bowling Tournament: Torklift International


Torklift International also happened to be in the Northstar display when we held the 2012 TCM Bowling Tournament.  Representing Torklift International for the 2012 TCM Bowling Tournament was Candice Boutilier, Director of Marketing, and Randy Fisher, National Sales Manager.  Everyone in our bowling tournament bowled three frames.  Here are their scores from the three frame tournament:

Candice Boutilier, Director of MarketingTotal Score: 44
Randy Fisher, National Sales ManagerTotal Score: 56


Palomino RV at Louisville


“Oh no, not another one,” we said looking with some disbelief at what appeared to be another version of the 2910.  Palomino first teased us with this new for 2013 Palomino Maverick Max 2910 full-wall slide-out truck camper at Hershey this past September.  We photographed that 2910 up and down, inside and out, from the rooter to the tooter, and were then instructed to hold the 2910 camper announcement and photographs so some final touches could be made.


Two weeks later we saw another version of the 2910 at the Forest River open house in Elkhart, Indiana.  The second 2910 featured a fantastic bronze and black exterior that gave the camper a much higher-end aesthetic than the white 2910 we had seen at Hershey.  Once again, we went to town and back photographing the 2910 only to be asked to hold the news for more revisions.

When we saw another version of the 2910 at Louisville, we kept the lens cap on.  I’d been fooled twice, and wasn’t about to be fooled again.  Angela and I had even started to use the numbers “2910” instead of the word fooled in our house, “Are you 2910-ing me again?”  I kid.

Sitting in the third 2910, Keith Fisher, Lead Engineer at Palomino RV, swore on a stack of virtual copies of Truck Camper Magazine that this was indeed the final 2910.  After checking for crossed fingers, the lens cap came off and we started taking notes.

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