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Kingstar Goes Big, Modern, and Old-School

Exploring Still Connected sports some seriously huge super singles on their Kingstar KRUZR. Right next door, Kingstar presented their latest ideas in a Camino 88. Can a camper be both modern and old school? Yep.

Overland Expo West 2024 Kingstar

The Kingstar booth was dominated by Reyes and Deedra’s Exploring Still Connected rig (photo below). Reyes and Deedra were fresh from Buckstop Truckware in Oregon where they got some serious super singles.

Kingstar Kruzr Exterior

Super singles replace dually tires with single wheels and tires for improved off-road performance. They definitely were attention-getters at Expo West this year, and turned this Ford F-550 and Kingstar KRUZR rig into an overland beast.

Kingstar Camino Exterior

With a slightly more approachable (and affordable) presentation, Kingstar also showcased a Camino 88 rig on a Ford F-350 single rear wheel truck.

Kingstar Camino Accessories Overland Pack

Above: The Overland Pack holds a Camco grill, two Rotopax containers, and a generator can be stored on top

This camper was loaded up with Kingstar’s signature accessories. Without a doubt, Kingstar has the most impressive exclusive accessories of any truck camper company we’ve ever seen. These accessories are all designed and manufactured in-house and offer a level of truck camper-tuned form and function we rarely see.

Kingstar Camino Accessories Fish and Ski Locker

My personal favorite Kingstar accessory is their Fish and Ski Locker. The name explains the purpose, but the concept and execution are truly next level. As a bonus, the Fish and Ski Locker looks phenomenal, creates storage where none was possible before, and fills the space between the truck and camper. Love it.

Kingstar Camino Interior

Inside the Camino is the unmistakable Camino vibe. I don’t know how they did it, but this look is simultaneously modern and old-school in all the right ways.

Kingstar Camino Interior

Kingstar packs a ton of storage in their units. Also, note the shoe nook in the bottom left corner. This is the kind of clever and experience-driven touch you’ll find through Kingstar’s units.

Kingstar wet bath

Kingstar continues its unique design approach in its versatile wet bath area. For one, the hallway becomes the dressing area with a privacy curtain. The bathroom has some important updates that we’ll be getting into for a future feature.

For more information on Kingstar, visit their website at Click here to request a free Kingstar camper brochure.


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