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Hallmark Announces the First All Composite Truck Camper

TCM: Is the Hallmark warranty different for Coosa since it’s designed to last significantly longer?

Matt: We have an eight year structural warranty on the Hallmark Coosa campers because we have that much confidence in the Coosa product.  On our regular wood framed Hallmark campers we have a five year structural warranty.

The warranty for an aluminum framed camper is three years.  There is also a price increase for the aluminum frame option.

TCM: That gives the Coosa Hallmarks the longest structural warranty in the truck camper industry.  That’s fantastic!  You recently told us that you’re using Mylar in your soft walls.  Tell us why you’re using Mylar.

Matt: Mylar has been in the space program since the 1970s. Mylar is like an emergency blanket that traps your body heat in.  In our soft walls, Mylar reflects the radiant heat in the camper, retaining the heat longer.


Above: Hallmark soft walls with the Mylar option installed

TCM: How are you using Mylar in the soft walls? 

Matt: Mylar is actually very thin and lends itself to be sewn up in our soft wall.  There were some challenges in laying it out.  It is not super flexible, and you need it to be up and down just like a space blanket.  As far as flexibility, when we cut it we overlap on the front and back sides, which allows for movement.  We figured it out, and now it’s easier to work with.

We are still using Image Tech for the interior and exterior layers with closed cell foam in between.  We’re just adding Mylar for more insulation. It works really well.

TCM: Are Mylar soft walls optional or standard?

Matt: Mylar is an option.  Our standard insulated soft wall is good for most people.  If you want something that’s more insulated, Mylar is an excellent upgrade.

TCM: What does the Mylar option cost?

Matt: It adds $500 to the camper.  Retrofits to older campers are more costly but they can be done.

TCM: It’s clear that you’re busy with new materials and ideas at Hallmark.  Is there anything else going on at Hallmark?

Matt: My brother, Andy is attending the Overland Expo in May.  The 100% Coosa Milner will be there.  Right now it’s being driven around on Andy’s truck.

TCM: Thanks Matt.  TCM will have a reporter at the Overland Expo and we’ll be sure to have them check out the Coosa camper.

Matt: That would be great.  Thank you.


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