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Fox Landing – Northwood’s Innovative New Bumper Step

Fox Landing in travel position

Jack: The Fox Landing porch can be transported down the road in the vertical or horizontal position.  The Fox Landing steps need to be up and secure.

Doug Karr has driven around the country and shown off the Fox Landing to dealers and customers.  He said it’s funny that you have a cool bumper with a platform and all of that gets forgotten when you move the Fox Landing into the vertical position.  Then all of the attention goes to the Arctic Fox logo.  Everybody wants to make comments about how cool that is.

TCM: Mick Pickler explained that he wanted the Fox Landing to hold two of him.  How did you design the Fox Landing to be able to accommodate the weight of two people?

Casey: We designed the Fox Landing for a safety factor of two to one.  In other words, whatever ratings the design called for, we doubled that.  Our ratings are very forgiving.

Jack: Besides SolidWorks testing, we do physical testing with physical loads with all of our products.  As Casey pointed out earlier, going with the SolidWorks enables us to get the lightest material we want with the maximum safety and longevity of the product.

Fox Landing GlowSteps

TCM: The Fox Landing has GlowStep glow elements.  Does it feature same SureGrip extrusion as the GlowStep?

Jay: Yes it does.

TCM: Can additional steps be added if necessary?

Jay: If you have a three step drop down, you could add another step to get closer to the ground and make access easier.  In the future, we also want to incorporate the GlowGuide for a rail system with the Fox Landing.

Fox Landing Towing

Towing with Fox Landing down

TCM: Tell us about how the Fox Landing works in conjunction with the Torklift SuperHitch and SuperHitch Magnum towing systems.

Jack: The Fox Landing was designed around the SuperTruss Extension.  Truck Camper Magazine readers who tow trailers with their truck camper rigs understand how challenging and potentially unsafe entering and exiting a rear entry camper can be while towing.  For one, you usually need to step on the tongue of the trailer.  It’s a big safety problem.  The alternative is to disconnect the trailer from the truck everywhere you go to have safe and easy access.  The Fox Landing solves this problem by allowing the trailer to remain connected while allowing for a safe and easy side entry into the camper.

Jay: The Fox Landing adds more capability, more comfort, and gives you better access.  Plus, it gives you the capability of having your trailer safely connected to your camper.

TCM: Where the steps are mounted is an area that’s vulnerable to road debris and moisture.  Does the Fox Landing require maintenance?

Jay: The Fox Landing is made from powder coated T6061 aluminum which is easy to wash off and clean.  Other than keeping it clean, the Fox Landing should require no maintenance.

TCM: Should system be removed for winterizing?

Jay: A cover would be good, but you won’t need it because of the powder coated aluminum.

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