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Faces of GM Video – Behind the Scenes

GM features Truck Camper Magazine and our 2013 Chevy 3500 and 2013 Lance 855-S rig for their Faces of GM video series.  Here’s the story behind the video.


*Unfortunately, the video we worked on with GM was taken off YouTube.

Faces of GM: Behind the Scenes

This past September, Angela and I drove out to Elkhart, Indiana immediately after the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree Rally in Gettysburg.  We were going to attend an industry only product expo and visit a few truck camping friends on the way.  It would be one of the last truck camping trips of the year and we were hungry for another adventurer or two before getting out the RV antifreeze.

Since we would already be in Indiana, we decided to take a detour to Detroit for a visit with the GM team that helped us design our 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500.  We wanted to thank them in person and present our newly completed truck and camper rig.  The idea was to park our rig at GM and have an informal truck camper open house.

Lucky for us, most of our GM contacts were available to meet us and were excited to see the rig.  The date was set for Monday, September 24th at 2:00pm.  The GM team asked to meet us at their Vehicle Engineering Center, aka the VEC, in Warren, Michigan.

Angela and I woke early that morning and drove the rig to Eastside Truck Wash.  On the drive west to Detroit, the camper had picked up approximately 9,862,403 bugs.  The Eastside crew took care of the encrusted critters and made the Lance and Chevy shine.  A mile or two down the road we pulled into a Lowes parking lot to dry the rig and detail the truck and camper interiors.  The rig was ready.  Next stop, GM’s Vehicle Engineering Center.

Excuse Me Sir!

Looking back, I should have known that stopping the rig immediately in front of the Vehicle Engineering Center to take a picture of the rig would not be a good idea.  After all, we were handed a visitor’s pass at the front gate that clearly stated, “No Photography”.  Did we bother to read the pass before tossing it into our truck dash?  Of course not.

Angela stopped the truck about fifty feet in front of the Vehicle Engineering Center and I jumped out to take a few photographs.  As office buildings go, GM’s eight story, 1.2 million square foot Vehicle Engineering Center is spectacular; a beautifully deigned modern structure of glass and metal.  Through the lens, the truck and camper looked fantastic against the VEC.  As I framed the photographs I could just feel the images working…


Above: The 2013 Chevy/Lance rig in front of the GM Vehicle Engineering Center

Piercing my blissful moment of photographic zen was a particularly stern and authoritative voice bounding, quite unmistakably, in my direction.

“Excuse me sir!”

I turned to look towards the building facing the Vehicle Engineering Center and saw a security guard hastily making her way to my location.

“Excuse me sir.  Would you come here please?”

I hadn’t heard that tone of voice directed towards me since high school.  Clearly, I was in trouble.

“Do you have a permit to be taking photographs?  I witnessed you taking photographs.”

“Well, I am here by invitation and didn’t realize I needed a permit.”

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