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Cube Series Announces New Actuators

Cube Series makes a huge upgrade to their hard side pop-up camper design with a new electric actuator lift system. First test: lifting four guys on the Cube Series roof, on camera. And, action!

Cube Series New Actuators

This past summer, we visited Cube Series, met their team, and got a detailed multi-day walkthrough of their factory, process, design, and technologically advanced truck camper. By far the most critical element of their hard side pop-up camper design is their proprietary electric lift mechanism. In fact, the whole Cube Series camper is based on it.

After demonstrating how the roof lift system works, Randall Pozzi, General Manager of Cube Series, showed us a prototype of a new electric actuator lift system that made several key improvements. They were still working out the kinks, but promised to contact us when the new actuator system was production-ready.

Well, the new actuators are ready to go and have passed every stress test Randall and the Cube Series design team could throw at them. The last and final test is our personal favorite; lifting four Cube Series team members up and down on a Cube Series roof. This not only tested the new actuators, but also the resin-infused and vacuum-bonded fiberglass roof and structure. And yes, that video is below.

To learn more about the new electric actuators and what they mean for Cube Series campers, we talked to Randall Pozzi, General Manager of Cube Series.

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Above: Cube Series produced a video demonstrating their new actuator lift system

Before we talk about the new actuators, tell us about your original lift system and why you wanted to make an improvement there.

Rick Wise, President of Cube Series, always planned to have a roof that could support a roof rack to carry kayaks, surfboards, and other gear. Our original actuator roof lift system was attached to the walls and utilized rollers and a ceiling-mounted track. With that system, we used the walls to lift the roof. It was reliable, but didn’t allow for heavy or unbalanced items to be stowed on the roof. If the weight wasn’t centered on the roof, the original lift system would struggle.

Cube Series with new actuators

Talk to us about the design and development of the new actuator lift system. Did it require changes to the design or structure of the camper?

The new four-point vertical actuator system lifts the roof straight up and raises the side walls with a simple lifting arm. It’s also significantly simpler without the need for rollers, tracks, and guide tracks. In addition, the new system is way more powerful with the ability to carry large payloads up and down.

“The new system is way more powerful with the ability to carry large payloads up and down.”

It’s also largely unaffected by snow loads, uneven or unbalanced loads from any gear, or other items stored on the optional roof rack. The new actuators and cylinders are rated for 800 pounds each. For fun, we lifted four guys on a Cube Series roof. We probably could have put eight guys up there.

Above: The new Cube Series actuators lifting four adults

Talk to us about the design and development of the new actuator lift system.

The design of the new system was straightforward. Right off the bat, we were able to nail down where the actuators should be mounted and the required arm length, but obviously we had to change and re-engineer mounting brackets and wiring.

The new design allows for better weather stripping as the new system brings the roof down further over the lower fiberglass tub of the camper with no hardware in the way. That also gives the unit better security as the roof travels over the entry door when closed. The entry door cannot be opened when the roof is all the way down.

When a Cube Series is closed, the new actuator system reduces the overall height of the unit by a couple of inches. That reduces drag and lowers the center of gravity while driving. It also looks tighter on the truck.

Cube Series Camper Actuator Security 1

What do you mean by better weatherstripping?

The original actuators brought the roof down to the top of the tub. The angled actuators and more complex system didn’t allow for further travel or a tighter closed fit. The new actuators travel two inches more and allow for much better weatherstripping. We now have a wipe seal on all four sides. The old system’s hardware made tight-fitting weatherstripping way more difficult.

Cube Series Camper Set Up New Actuator

How does the consumer operate the new actuators?

It’s an up and down button just like the original lift system. You have to hold the buttons the whole time the roof is moving. We did that on purpose. We don’t want anyone to press the up or down button and just walk away. Say you left something on the kitchen counter, you forget, you put the roof down, and something breaks. Or maybe you put your rig in the garage and forgot how low the garage is. Like any pop-up camper, lifting and lowering the roof is a process that requires attention.

Cube Series Camper Set Up New Acutators

Does the new actuator system automatically stop in camping (up) and travel (down) modes?

Yes. Hall sensors inside the camper stop the actuators and roof when it’s completely up or down.

How do the new actuators impact the weight of the Cube Series camper?

The actuators are bigger and the cylinders are slightly longer, but we are losing the weight of rollers, tracks, and the Z-bar that was needed to stabilize the roof. The weight difference is negligible.

Cube Series Camper Actuator Side Walls Going Up

Do the new actuators use more or less power than the outgoing actuators?

The actuators are 24-volts and so are the originals. The camper is on a 12-volt system and it boosts to 24-volts for the actuators. This new actuator has bigger motors that aren’t working as hard as the previous actuators. They pull about the same amperage.

Do the new actuators require any routine maintenance?

The original actuators had a track with wheels like a mini garage door track. Those would have to be cleared of dirt and dust to continue working properly. The new actuators need no maintenance.

Cube Camper Utah Actuators

Can current Cube Series owners upgrade to the new actuators?

Yes. If you have an original actuator system, it can be upgraded. If you want the new actuators, come to the factory and we’ll get it updated for you. It’s an extensive retrofit, so the update needs to be completed here.

Do the new actuators add cost to new units?

They do cost more, but there are fewer parts and the installation is easier. Even with all the improvements brought by the new actuators, we were able to maintain the price of our Cube Campers.

What’s the warranty for the new actuators?

We have a two year bumper-to-bumper warranty on our Cube Series campers that also covers the actuators and a four year structural warranty. The manufacturer of the actuator has an 18-month warranty.

When will units with the new actuators be available?

Cube Series truck campers with the new actuators are available now.

Cube Series Trailer And Camper Together

Should we expect any more truck camper announcements from Cube Series in 2024?

We may add a new tan exterior color. Otherwise, the Cube Series truck camper is really dialed-in.

Our Cube Series truck camper now has a big brother; a hard sided, pop-up trailer. It’s got the same robust build quality as our truck camper; molded fiberglass tub, side walls, and roof, aluminum frame, and laser-welded aluminum cabinetry (interior photo below).

Cube Series Trailer Inside

Above: The interior of the new Cube Series trailer

It’s a very well-built trailer and it looks good. We did full-body graphics on the one in the picture. Typically it would be without the full-body graphics.

Is there anything else you want folks to know about the new actuators or Cube Series truck campers?

The new actuator brings many benefits to our camper. It’s two inches shorter when closed. For those who want to park in their garages, two inches could make a difference. It has better security because the lower door is covered when the roof is down. A roof rack can be added, so you can bring toys like kayaks and surfboards. It’s a better system for having weight on the roof. And it needs less maintenance because there are fewer moving parts. It just works better.

Cube Series Camper Actuator Travel Mode

I have really enjoyed driving a Cube Series truck camper rig. There’s comparatively no sway, it fits in parking garages, can go through drive-thus, and handles like it’s not even there which is really nice when driving and parking, particularly in bigger cities like Los Angeles.

Also, it’s nice for people who want an RV, but can’t have one in front of their home because the Cube series can fit it in their garage. And there are really no other small truck campers that have the quality of Cube Series; resin-infused molded fiberglass, laser-welded aluminum cabinets, and state-of-the-art technology. It is a very robust build and an incredible truck camper.

For more information on Cube Series, visit their website at Click here to request more information about the Cube Series Camper.


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