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Announcing Discover Truck Camping

Starting today, truck campers are going on offense.  We are no longer waiting for the RV marketplace to give us the respect we deserve.  We are taking it.

Truck campers are the coolest, most versatile, and most exciting RV type on the planet.  We can go anywhere, camp anywhere and tow anything.  Truck campers are literally the Jeep of RVs.

So why are truck campers almost universally dismissed by the RVing universe as obsolete and irrelevant?

Because we generally stink at outreach and marketing.  Worse, we have allowed the greater RV industry to define us.

That ends now.

Announcing Discover Truck Camping

This morning we launched an all-new Truck Camper Magazine website, Email Alert design and social media strategy – all focused on attracting more and younger active outdoor enthusiasts to our hobby.

This campaign is called Discover Truck Camping.

TCM Homepage Featuring Discover Truck Camping

Above: The new Truck Camper Magazine homepage featuring the Discover Truck Camping campaign

Attracting more and younger active outdoor enthusiasts to truck campers is our new strategic objective.  The Discover Truck Camping campaign is how we’re going to do it.

Along the way, we are going to obliterate the old and tired perceptions about truck campers, and blow the motorhome and towable doors off any organization that stands in our way.

Truck campers are done playing second fiddle.

Why Discover Truck Camping Matters To You

To sustain the vibrant truck camper marketplace and community that we all want, we need our domestic (US, Canadian) truck camper manufacturers, gear companies and dealers to be strong.

Right now the truck camper industry and marketplace are doing exceptionally well – perhaps better than at any point in the past 40-years.

Unfortunately, that’s the not the whole story.

Ladies and gentlemen, truck campers have a demographic challenge ahead.  For twelve straight years Truck Camper Magazine’s readership has grown, and grown older.  Our average reader is now in their late-60s.

In a nutshell, truck campers are not attracting enough young people.  We need more and younger enthusiasts to join our ranks.

For the future of truck camping, that’s the ballgame.

Discover Truck Camping Gets Social

Over the past few months we have developed an aggressive Discover Truck Camping social strategy and campaign for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Discover Truck Camping on Facebook

Above: TCM’s Facebook page featuring the Discover Truck Camping campaign

Through social media we will be actively targeting audiences on the periphery of the truck camping community, capturing their attention and inspiring them to Discover Truck Camping.

How?  By showcasing our deep catalog of incredible truck camping photography and content.  Did you see the new Truck Camper Magazine homepage?  Our content is the hook.

To make this a unified campaign, all social media efforts will feature the new Discover Truck Camping logo.  And that’s where you come in.

It’s Time To Socially Mobilize: Posthaste!

We are hereby mobilizing the Truck Camper Magazine Reserve.  Your first assignment is quick and easy; simply post a Discover Truck Camping message with a picture of your truck camper on your social media feed(s).

Here’s an example for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram:

Example Discover Truck Camping Post

Example post: I love truck camping! If you are curious about RV travel, adventure and an active outdoor lifestyle, discover truck camping on Truck Camper Magazine!

Link your posts to

You can also post a Discover Truck Camping message on your blog, favorite forums, tell your friends via email, or (for goodness sake) old-school word-of-mouth.  Now we’re talking.

We Are Fired-Up!

Truck campers have sat on the sidelines long enough allowing the greater RV industry to put us on a shelf and run us over – again and again.

When the baby boomer surge begins to fade, the truck camper marketplace cannot be asleep at the marketing wheel.  On both fronts the moment for action has arrived.

It’s been a long time since we have been this fired-up about the direction of Truck Camper Magazine and the opportunities ahead of us.  In case you missed it, we are serious about this new focus.  It’s too important not to be.

Thank you for being a part of our truck camping family and community.

Let’s do this!

p.s. Truck Camper Magazine will still publish the most in-depth truck camper news, critical reviews and inspiring truck camping adventure stories – twice a week!  In fact, we are publishing more truck camper content than ever.  No worries TCM fans!  Discover Truck Camping is our exciting new outreach campaign to grow our readership and marketplace.  Truck Camper Magazine roars on.


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