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2018 Capri Camper Updates

Pete: Prices are going up November 1, 2017 to cover rapidly increasing material and appliance costs.  All of our camper appliances, like water heaters, have jumped significantly.  Our aluminum supplier has raised prices on us twice this calendar year. Both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have all southern builders and manufacturers concerned about price increases and inventory availability, especially lumber, as Texas and Florida begin rebuilding.

Tyson: A loaded Retreat with the works is still only $18,590.  I don’t know of another hard side camper out there with all those options in that price range.

Above: A video walk through of a Capri Retreat truck camper

TCM: Any new models or floor plans in development?

Tyson: I am going to send you a video walk through on a new rearrangement of a long bed floor plan.  The shower is on the right, and the refrigerator is behind the shower, sink, stove and closet area.

The middle is a sitting area.  The top bed is cut off to 40” wide (40 X 80) and the other 15-inches in the nose was converted to cabinets.  It was designed to sleep two adults taller than 6’ in two separate sleeping areas, one above and one below.

Pete: This customer and his wife are now on their third Capri.  Since he’s 6’4”, he wanted two 40-inch wide beds in the camper.  One is in the nose and is one below so the husband and wife both have room.

We put the refrigerator on the driver’s side wall towards the door.  They loved it.  Then we mounted the television where the refrigerator used to be located.  It was a perfect set up for the two of them and it looks good.

Design cushion optionsGator cushion options

TCM: Is there anything else you want folks to know about Capri Campers or your plans for 2018?

Tyson: We now have new interior cushion options including faux gator skin and ostrich.  They’re vinyl reproductions of the real thing, and they look neat.

For more information on Capri Campers, visit their website at  For a Capri Camper brochure, click here.


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