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2017 Wolf Creek Announcements

TCM: Tell us about the new fabric night shade window treatments.

Donald: The fabric night shade window treatments have been a Wolf Creek option, but we made them standard for 2017.  People want lighter weight campers to put on three-quarter ton trucks, but don’t want to sacrifice features or quality.  The fabric night shade window treatments don’t add weight to the units, but give the campers an important upgrade.

Elegant Truffle interior decor for Wolf Creek Campers

Above: Elegant Truffle interior decor

Solitaire Azul interior decor for Wolf Creek Campers

Above: Solitaire Azul interior decor

TCM: The new 2017 Wolf Creek interior decors are Elegant Truffle and Solitaire Azul.  These are the same interior decors being introduced for Arctic Fox.  Are you using the same quality of interior fabric and materials for the Wolf Creek and Arctic Fox?

Donald: Yes, the fabrics and interior decor choices the same for Arctic Fox and Wolf Creek truck campers.  The quality of the fabrics is identical.

decor in the dinette of a 2017 Wolf Creek

Above: Early Autumn decor in the dinette of a 2017 Wolf Creek

Solitaire Azul in Wolf Creek 850

Above: Solitaire Azul decor in the dinette of a 2017 Wolf Creek

TCM: For 2017, the Wolf Pack includes a stereo upgrade.  Before we talk about the upgraded stereo, tell us what the Wolf Pack is.

Donald: The Wolf Pack is a group of options that are standard build.  These are the options that virtually all of our campers get ordered with so, to make it easy, we packaged them all together.  It is the same concept as our Fox Value Pack on our Arctic Fox campers.  Every Wolf Creek unit includes the Wolf Pack, unless special ordered by a customer without it.

Doug: It’s similar to when you purchase a new car.  People don’t want crank windows in their cars anymore, even if they are part of the base model.  We put the options that most dealers and customers order into the Wolf Pack and build all campers with this option group, unless otherwise specified by the dealer.

Wolf Creek 850 refrigerator

Above: The five cubic foot refrigerator in a Wolf Creek 850

For example, the standard refrigerator in a Wolf Creek is a three cubic foot model, but most people want the optional five cubic foot model.

Wolf Creek Campers two 20-pound propane tanks

Above: Two 20-pound propane tanks come with the 840 and 850

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