2016 Dream Truck Survey

If you could have any commercially available truck, what truck would you get?  It’s time to tell us your ultimate truck brand, model, and configuration.  Welcome to the 2016 Dream Truck Survey!


Over the last decade, we have bought four trucks for truck camper rigs.  From one truck to the next, our years of truck camping experience and knowledge changed our preferences and influenced our decisions.  Of course, there are attributes about all of our past trucks that we miss, and attributes that we are more than happy to forget.  Only one remains constant; we love trucks.

When it comes to trucks, time changes minds.  Experience changes minds.  Fluctuating economic conditions changes minds.  The steady march of innovation changes minds.  Even domestic and international events can change minds.  What your dream truck was two years ago might not be your dream truck today.  Then again, it might.

Welcome to the third semi-annual Truck Camper Magazine Dream Truck Survey.  It’s time to find out how the truck preferences needle has changed.  Has one brand gained ground on the others?  Do we want bigger trucks, or smaller?  Has the tug of war between gas and diesel moved?  It’s all on the line, right now.

Please click the link below and complete the short survey.  We’ll publish the results, call out the changes, and name the 2016 Dream Truck next week.

The survey is now closed.

Here are the results of the 2016 Dream Truck Survey.


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