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Slide Out Camper Seal Maintenance

To maintain the slide room seals, Doug recommends that you use a slide-out rubber seal conditioner at least twice a year.  Before you use the seal conditioner, you need to make sure that you wash your slide room roof and slide seals.  To apply the seal conditioner, shake the can of seal conditioner and spray the conditioner directly on the seals.  Make sure to spray both the inside and the outside of the seals.

Slide Out Camper Room Maintenance

Above: The wiper seal around the perimeter of an Arctic Fox slide

Doug told us that he has connected a slide out camper mechanism to an amp meter before and after conditioning the seals.  He noticed that the slide mechanism used considerably less power once the seals were properly conditioned.  If the seals are dry and not conditioned, the slide mechanism motor will pull more amperage because the motor needs to work harder to operate the slides.  The conditioned seals reduce the drag as the slide moves across the seals reducing the stress on the system and motor.

Don’t forget to also check the seals on the slide room just like you check the seals on your camper.  Doug recommends checking these seals twice a year including around compartment doors on the slide and anywhere there are seams.  Doug also recommends using Dicor on the roof and Geocel on the slide walls of the campers to maintain your camper’s seals.

Slide Out Campers: Bulb Seals Versus Wiper Seals

Another important component of a slide out camper system are the slide room seals.  There are two types of slide room seals; bulb seals and wiper seals.

Slide Out Camper Bulb Seal

Above: A bulb seal on an Arctic Fox slide out camper

Bulb seals look like a partially inflated bicycle tire.  Wiper seals look like an automotive windshield wiper.  These seals protect the slide room and the camper from sand, dirt, and water.  They also help to prevent drafts inside the camper.

Slide Out Camper Wiper Seal

Above: A wiper seal on an Arctic Fox slide out camper

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