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The Canada to Alaska Experience

Above: Kluane National Park, Yukon

In the morning we stopped at the Kluane National Park Visitor Center for information on hiking in the area.  We were warned about the Grizzlies and decided to skip the hike. The scenery was getting unbelievable and so was the highway.  By the time we reached the border crossing we were so glad we had a Phoenix Custom Camper with an aluminum frame.

On the seventh night we stayed at a Wayside Rest on the Nabesna Road in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  It’s a freebie with an outhouse, trash can, recycling bin, and a stunning view of the Wrangell Mountains.

Arriving In Alaska


Patrice: We arrived on a Friday so we could recreate with the kids on the weekend.  Then we did day adventures during the work week and spent the next weekend on an extended trip with the kids.

We ended up staying one more week out on the Kenai and the kids joined us the next weekend.  They took us on a nine mile hike to Rabbit Lake, which was beautiful.  During the week we went to Whittier through the tunnel, and then drove up to the Denali lookouts.

Ken: The southern lookout view of the coastal range is superb.

Patrice: The next weekend we took off with the kids and went to Valdez via Thompson Pass and the huge Worthington Glacier.  Heading back we went to McCarthy and Kennicott, camped out, resupplied in Anchorage and went to the Kenai Penninsula.

We were going to come back to our kids the next weekend, but they came out and met us at the Kenai.  We did a bicycle trip and hiking on the beach of the Cook Inlet.  If I were going to go back and there was limited time, I’d definitely go to the Kenai.  It had the most of everything.  I’d love to go back and do more hiking out there.


Above: Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

Homeward Bound

We left Anchorage in the rain and it rained every day on our way home.  We had been hearing about the horrible fires and smoke the whole time that we were gone so our mantra began to be, “Bringing down the rain, bringing down the rain.  We will be home soon, bringing down the rain.”

On the Glenn Highway we really noticed how the season was changing.  The mountain sides were brilliant colors and there was a coating of snow on the high peaks.  There was also a continual stream of campers, trailers, and motorhomes.

About half way between Glenn and Tok, our windshield got rocked in a construction zone.  We stopped to talk to the manager of the project to suggest that the entire project be piloted.  He explained that they can’t delay anyone longer than twenty minutes or they get a stiff fine.  He said they would love to pilot all of it because the idiots that speed after leaving the pilot car were ruining the parts they just finished.


Above: Chickadee Windshield Service repairing an egg sized rock strike

We really lucked out to find a rock chip repair business in Tok.  She met us in the park in town and, after two hours and $50, we were on our way.


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