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CampLite TC10 Rally Review


“This camper has a lot of storage.  I am really surprised at the wardrobe space.  It has an electric outlet in the top cabinet for a microwave.  I like the step up to the bunk.  I would like to see the kitchen table in the camper to see how much room it would take up.” – Doreen Tamulevicius

“I like this!  There’s more room than you think.” – Joe Tamulevicius


“The cabinets are nice.  I would like LED lights on the interior of the camper.  It makes a big difference.  It has a decent size refrigerator.  I would say this camper is Spartan with a capital S.  The more you look at it, the more it grows on you.  There’s a fair amount of storage.  They need a thicker mattress; you can’t beat a good mattress.” – Richard Ward


“My very first impression is that I did not like the dark color on the exterior.  Inside, the camper is roomier than I thought it would be.  The cabinet latch snaps are too loud.  Opening and closing the latches would disturb anyone who was sleeping in the camper.  The sofa also needs lower back support.  I like the LED lighting on the exterior, but the camper needs interior LED lighting as well.  Aluminum is going to conduct cold quite rapidly, so this is really a three-season camper.  I would prefer non-frosted glass on the window in the door.  I like to be able see what’s out there.  I would also like a lower window on the door so I can see straight through when I’m driving.  It would be great if the camper door would also fold flat to the back of the camper when it’s open.” – Bruce Scott

“The all-aluminum construction and dark exterior color seems like it would get hot in the summer, and there’s no oven.” – Kim Scott

“We saw a CampLite at the Cedar Key rally in Florida.  This model has the Azdel wood-look interior.  The wood-look warmed up the camper.  I like it.  I don’t like that there’s no real storage in the overcab.  I also don’t like where the bunk brace is located.  It looks sharp and dangerous.  I’d prefer the camper without the bunk.  My biggest concern with the all-aluminum construction is with hot and cold weather.  The holding tanks should also be larger.  The camper needs gutters on the outside.  If you’re under your awning, you’ll get wet without gutters.  There’s also an unfinished Azdel wall inside the cabinet.  I’d like to see the cabinet interiors look finished.  Overall, there have been many nice improvements to the CampLite since the Cedar Key rally.” – Joe MacDonald


“Without the removable table, the camper seems wide and roomy inside.  I’m surprised that there’s such little storage in the overcab.” – Sue Laufer

“There’s a good amount of counter space.  I don’t like the rug as it would get dirty in a camping environment and the sofa cushions could be more comfortable.” – Nina MacDonald


“It’s like the Humvee of campers.  There’s a Spartan feel to it.  You look at it and think you could play racquetball inside and not hurt anything.  There’s lots of counter space.  The cabinets are not going to pop open by accident.  It features the most positive latching system I’ve ever seen on cabinetry.  The storage space is ample.  There’s an absence of a bathroom sink, but the kitchen sink is just outside the bathroom door.  I would like to see a 12 volt outlet or two, other than the television.  Maybe they could put one in the kitchen area for a small countertop fan and one bedside in the overcab for a cell phone charger.  There’s a good amount of 110v outlets in kitchen area.  The outside storage has sheet metal lining so if anything moves or shifts you would hear it.” – John Wells

“Even without a slide-out, there is a considerable amount of space to move around in the camper.  The decor is something a guy would like more than a woman.  It’s utilitarian.  I would like less dark colors and more light colors.  The cabinet latches are hard to open.  I know some guys who would really love this camper.” – Marylou Wells

“The countertop is nice.  You could even carry kayaks on the floor of this camper.  I would like the outside color to be different.  Since the camper has only one battery, you really need to have LED lighting.” – Bob Lawrence


“I know they’re trying to keep this camper light, but there is a lot of wasted space in the overcab that could be used for cabinetry.  The kitchen cabinets are too high and the kitchen windows also need to be lower.  The cabinet hinges are tough to open.  There also needs to be more shelving in the cabinets.  One battery is not enough for boondocking and the camper needs interior LED lights.  There’s no air circulation over the bed; a vent in that area would be nice.  The mattress is also quite sparse.” – Carol Ann Lawrence


“The CampLite is nice inside.  I like the sofa.  The camper is big inside for not having a slide-out.” – Lynn and Paul Carreiro


“I like the all-aluminum and composite concept of this camper.  I had to rebuild the floor in our other camper.  With CampLite’s wood-free construction, I would just hose it out to wash it.  I like the bunk, but you would need more storage for a family.  There’s just a shower and toilet in the wet bath, no sink.  I would like to have a Fantastic Vent in the camper.” – Kim and Dean Geisenhaver

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