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Hallmark Milner Review

At every turn Hallmark’s focus on quality, durability, and longevity is on full display.  Just look at the steel hinges Hallmark has employed for the vanity.  These hinges should provide decades of worry-free service.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Counter With Cooktop and Sink

The fiberglass granicote countertop, optional flush-mount stainless steel SMEV cooktop, and inset sink are simply gorgeous.  With the cooktop closed, there’s ample counter space for meal preparation and washing dishes.  Even with the cooktop open, there’s still a decent amount of counter space to the left and right of the sink.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Cooktop

The optional two-burner stainless SMEV steel cooktop is manufactured in Italy for both the RV and marine industries.  For off-grid efficiency, the SMEV is designed to use 33-percent less propane while providing higher cooking temperatures (up to 5,900 BTU).  For durability and safety, the top is made from heat resistant safety glass.

As with the Nova Kool refrigerator, the SMEV is one impressive and high quality feature of the Hallmark Milner.  This is exactly the kind of component you want when you’re miles from civilization; modern and durable.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Sink

The single basin sink will make quick work of daily dishes and is large enough for washing full-size pots and pans.  Some folks might prefer a two basin sink, but the space required would consume too much counter space.  Hallmark has struck the right balance here.

The kitchen faucet is perfectly functional, but it lacks the sleek high-end presentation of the SMEV cooktop next door.  We would like to see the SMEV modern aesthetic and quality carried over to the faucet.

We also have some concerns about inset molded sinks.  Fiberglass and granicote are extremely durable, but there’s no way to replace the molded sink should it become damaged.  It would be easy to drop a wet pan at the wrong angle and possibly chip the granicote.  For inset molded sinks like this, we recommend a protective PVC sink liner to help prevent potential damage to the granicote or fiberglass.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Outlets

To the right of the SMEV cooktop is a 110-volt GFI outlet and a 12-volt outlet.  The location of the 110-volt outlet is perfect for coffee makers and other kitchen appliances when using shore power, a generator, or suitable house battery bank and inverter system.

The 12-volt outlet is certainly welcome, but we would like to see two USB outlets added to this location.  USB outlets would instantly turn the vanity above into a convenient charging station for smartphones and tablets.  This change would make a practical and appreciated addition to the standard Milner build.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Front Wall Systems

To the left of the kitchen sink is the Suburban water heater switch, one of two stereo speakers, an integrated water pump / tank monitor / battery monitor panel, and the Atwood furnace thermostat.

The location and presentation of these panels and switches is excellent.  Standing at the kitchen counter, you can comfortably view, reach, and operate these daily use items.  On a brisk morning, you could check the fresh tank and battery levels, turn on the water heater, and crank up the heat – all in a few seconds.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen Non-Ducted Heat

Under the panels and switches is the business end of the Atwood heating system.

Back in November of 2011, we took a Hallmark pop-up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  With nighttime temperatures dipping into the 30s, we were quite concerned about freezing our proverbial tails off.  Well, the propane heating system and soft wall insulation in that Hallmark darn near cooked us.  If you’re at all concerned about staying warm in a Hallmark pop-up, don’t be.  If you have propane, you’ll be toasty warm.

Hallmark Milner Kitchen cabinetry with water heater

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