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Adventurer 89RB Review

When made into a bed, the dinette is about 6’ 3”.  I know this because I could lay down in the dinette with my feet flat against the wall, and I’m 6’ 3”.


The wet bath in the 89RB is quite roomy with generous floorspace, elbow room, knee room for sitting on the toilet, and just enough height for me to stand up straight in the dome of the skylight.  This is a first class truck camper wet bath.

For 2013, Adventurer Manufacturing introduced Dometic’s foot flush porcelain-style toilet in all of their campers.  As toilets go, the new Dometic is sleek and modern with a tapered pedestal that gives the bathroom floor a little more space.


The bathroom sink design is as elegant as it is functional.  I especially like the sculpted lines of the sink and pedestal blending to meet the side walls of the bathroom.  It’s also important to point out that the bathroom in the 89RB is a seamless one-piece molded fiberglass unit and features ducted heat on the left side of the sink.  Like I said, this is a first class truck camper wet bath.


The fan in the 89RB bathroom is mounted on the side wall.  The handle across the front of the fan pushes to open the fan and pulls to close the fan.  The red button turns the fan on and off.

We have used these bathroom fan units and like their form and function.  They might not pull quite as much air as a Fantastc Fan, but they get the job done well and avoid a potential leak point on your roof.

The door latch on the 89RB bathroom works well, but was quite stiff when locking and unlocking the bathroom for transport.  Naturally this latch was fresh from the factory and may have needed a little more use, its alignment adjusted, or a dab of lubricant to work more efficiently.


Moving forward from the wet bath on the driver’s side is the kitchen.  The design, aesthetics, and functionality of this kitchen are very well thought out.  In particular, we really like the angled double sink, the curved counter top, the generous storage opportunities, and general flow of the kitchen.


The double kitchen sink is exactly what our readership asked for in our last ultimate truck camper survey.  Adventurer opted for a composite sink rather than stainless steel, but this will ensure against potential rust and should be very durable.  The counter top is a laminate with neutral coloring and a touch of attractive depth.

Behind the standard propane oven is a knife block.  Above the range is an optional microwave.  Keeping with the bold exterior look, notice that the interior appliances are black.  This works well against the glazed Melrose Maple cabinetry giving the the 89RB a warm and inviting interior.


A three-burner propane range-oven with matching hood is standard in the 89RB.  In this photograph you can also see four drawers adding residential style storage for cutlery and other kitchen essentials.


The drawer boxes in the Adventurer 89RB are made from Lite Ply plywood to save weight.  The full-extension steel drawer roller guides give the drawers a solid and confident feel when opening and closing.


When you open the upper kitchen cabinetry you are greeted with a wide-open space and a back-set upper shelf.  To keep food items and dishes from spilling out after travel, we would recommend adding a rubber drawer liner and/or a taller lip to the front of the cabinet.  This would be an easy modification.


Under the kitchen counter in the sink area is the propane and electric hot water heater switch, battery monitor, tank monitor for the 42 gallon fresh, 25 gallon grey, and 22 gallon black tanks, and optional built-in propane generator switch.  Did we say 42 gallon fresh water tank?  Yes, we did.  That’s a lot of fresh water in a non-slide camper.

Having these switches and and monitors mid-camper is great for convenience, but owners will need to take care that water from the sink does not reach these controls.  In all fairness, we have had controls and monitors in similar positions and we have never had an issue.

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