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December Super Mod Cup Contest: Mega Mods

In the largest of the storage cavities, 4-inch ABS piping was installed for grey water storage from the shower. I managed to add about 14 gallons of grey storage, which is plenty for two quick showers. The remaining cavities are for dirty item storage.

More grey water storage in overhang of camper

Above: 4″ ABS pipes for grey storage for the shower

Under overhang, grey tank storage

Above: Under side is closed in, but removable with vents

The unit is made of exterior spruce plywood. All construction assembly was made with fasteners and waterproof adhesives.

plywood step system construction

Plywood step system bumper being built

Before any paint was applied, the entire unit was coated with two coats of thickened fiberglass resin, hopefully to stabilize the wood work before the final finish of a few coats of marine enamel.

Storage bumper with grey tank integration

Above: Driver’s side dump and sewer pipe storage

The entire unit was bolted to framing under the camper, sealed with caulk, and non-slip tape was applied to horizontal surfaces.

Tank pull exterior camper

Above: Final dump gate valve on driver’s side

Previously, the camper had a rear facing dump outlet.  It now dumps from the side with a gate valve I installed.  It’s accessed through one of the small rear storage compartments.

installed high enough for hitch extension if ever needed

Above: Installed high enough for hitch extension if ever needed

We have been on two trips so far since the modification and are very pleased to say we are very happy with the results. Stopping and having quick access to the camper is no hassle. We no longer have any surprises in the shower.

New storage step bumper on Snowriver camper

Having extra storage has made the camper just what we were looking for. Also, the new basement storage is low. Heavy items (we are rock hounds) can be stored in this area with out adversely effecting the way the truck camper handles.

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