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TCM Unleashes the 2019 Mod-Ster Mod Contest

Get ready for the biggest change to the mod contest ever.  The Mod-Sters are coming; each and every Email Alert!  Run for your truck camping lives!

Mod-Ster Modification Contest

Truck Camper Magazine readers can’t get enough mods.  Every mod contest is literally devoured by thousands of readers.  As soon as the Email Alert goes out, it’s an all out mod feeding frenzy!

Porch extensions are chewed. Dinette recliners get munched. Loading solutions get gnawed. Grab bars are bitten. Battery boxes are practically inhaled. The ferocity of the mod consumption is truly monstrous.

At times the appetite is reminiscent of Seymour’s plant in Little Shop of Horrors. We can practically hear Truck Camper Magazine’s electrons crying out, “Feed me mods, Gordon and Angela! Feed me mods!”

The Big Mod Contest Change for 2019

Prepare yourself. To prevent spit takes and/or snarfing, please put the coffee down. And for goodness sake, have a seat. You look ridiculous anxiously pacing around like that. It’s going to be okay!

For 2019, we will be publishing one truck camper mod in each and every Email Alert. Tuesday? There will be a new mod! Friday? There will be a new mod! It will be like mod Christmas, twice a week! See? We knew you would like this idea.

Welcome To The 2019 Mod-Ster Mod Contest

Each month we’ll focus on one of the three mod categories; Mini-Mods, Medium Mods, or Mega Mods. Then we’ll publish one mod in that month’s category every email alert.

For example, we’re doing Medium Mods in February. Every Tuesday and Friday we’ll run a Medium Mod.

On average we’ll have 8 or 9 mods per month. At the end of the month, you’ll get to vote on your favorite mod from that month.


What Are They Playing For, Gordon?

Monthly winners will get a Mod-Ster Mug; a 15-ounce beastly coffee containing vessel of glory. This extremely limited edition mug is dish washer and microwave safe, and dangerously awesome.

Mod Ster Mug Front

The 2019 Mod-Ster of the Year

For the December finals, readers will pick the the best of the monthly mod winners to determine the 2019 Mod-Ster of the Year: aka the Mod-Zilla!

The Grand Prize is a $250 gift certificate to Home Depot, Lowes, or the big box hardware store of your choosing.

Second Place will be a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot, Lowes, or the big box hardware store of your choosing. Third Place will be a 2020 TCM Calendar and a TCM T-Shirt of your choosing.

Mod Ster Mug Back

The 2019 Mod-Ster Mod Contest Rules:

1. All submitted truck camper modifications must have been made by yourself on your own truck camper rig.

2. All modifications must be new.  Please do not send in modifications that you have submitted for a previous Truck Camper Magazine mod contest.

3. All modifications must result in a physical change to the truck camper rig; cosmetic, decorative, and/or functional.  Repairs do not count, unless they also improved the stock design, appearance, or functionality of the truck camper.

4. To submit a mod, use the mod-submission form.  Every submitted mod must be individually submitted with the mod-submission form.  We require at least one photograph per mod.

What Qualifies as a Modification?

A truck camper modification is physical change you made to improve the stock design, appearance, or functionality of your truck camper.

A modification can be a simple cosmetic change like new fabric for the seat cushions, or a floor plan change like a re-arrangement of the camper dinette, or the addition of a new or better component or appliance, and anything in between.  Interior and exterior truck camper modifications and decorations count.

The best modifications are things you did to improve the aesthetics or function of the camper to better suit your personal needs.

Did you alter your camper to make it work better for your truck camping lifestyle? Chances are you made a qualifying modification.

Good luck mod makers!  Feed the Mod-Ster!


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