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Ceramic Toilet and Bidet Installation

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Bidet for a RV or camper

Darin Leveraus, Grafton, Wisconsin
Ceramic Toilet and Bidet Installation
2017 Ram 4500
2017 Eagle Cap 1165

I was never happy with the all-plastic toilet that came in my 2017 Eagle Cap 1165.

I upgraded my toilet from a Dometic 300 to 310 with a ceramic bowl. The biggest problem with this change was spacing to the back wall.

Ceramic Toilet And Bidet Installation

On the new toilet, I had to cut an inch of the ceramic ears on the back of the bowl. Then I had to cut down some of the plastic cover over the vacuum break. I also needed to cut a hole in the wall to make room for the vacuum break itself.

Ceramic Toilet And Bidet In Camper

Since I was at it, I added a Luxe Bidet Neo 320. The bidet was purchased off Amazon. It gets placed between the bowl and the seat. That was another reason to upgrade toilets as the bidet wouldn’t work because of how the seat is attached to the previous Dometic 300.

Ceramic Toilet And Bidet In Use

The hardest part of the bidet installation was the male connection fittings. I believe they are either metric compression or a proprietary size. I ended up using a 1/4-inch pipe thread (I think) to a 1/4-inch compression fitting.

Ceramic Toilet And Bidet Plumbing

From there, it was easy to just tap into the PEX water lines with shut-offs and a 1/4-inch compression fitting. Then I used an ice maker’s braided lines to run the supply. The lines run through the hole in the wall that I made for the vacuum brake clearance. The bidet works well.

Ceramic Toilet And Bidet Plumb

I know what you’re thinking… “Why did I want a bidet?”

Well, it’s like having heated seats in your car. Once you have them you can’t live without them. Plus, it reduces your toilet paper use by 90-percent (my estimate). So it seems very RV friendly.

Ceramic Toilet Closed And Bidet

It took me three hours to complete this modification and cost me $250, including the bidet.  In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

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