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300% More Bathroom Fan Airflow Upgrade

Welcome to the sixth entry in November’s Medium Mod Contest. One Medium Mod will be published in every Email Alert in November. At the end of the month, we’ll hold a reader vote to determine November’s winner. Click here for information about the 2023 Mod Contest, including how to enter.

RV Bathroom Fan Upgrade

Charles Coushaine, Punta Gorda, Florida
300% More Bathroom Fan Airflow Upgrade
2022 Ford F-550
2012 Chalet DS116RB

My original 6-inch stock bathroom fan, although working okay, was very noisy and didn’t quite evacuate the bathroom as well as I would have liked.

I installed the Heng’s Vortex II 9-inch fan because it provided 300-percent more airflow, was quieter, and had three forward and two reverse speeds to greatly increase air movement without the need to touch the roof for installation.

Bathroom Fan Remove Outer Shroud

Four screws easily removed the outer flange, then another two removed the inner flange and screen, and a single screw removed the crank handle.

Bathroom Fan Remove Old Screen

After that, the old fan motor was removed and the mounting bracket was taken off using a Dremel tool and pliers.

Grind Spotwelds And Break Off Old Motor Mount

Then I noticed that the outer flange was starting to yellow, so I whitened it using Salon Care 40 and let it set in the sun for a few hours. It worked well.

Bathroom RV Fan Whiten Outer Sleeve With Salon Care 40

Bathroom Fan Outer Sleeve Whitening In Sunlight

Bathroom Wiring New RV Fan

Installing the new fan was easy; essentially like removal in reverse.

Bathroom Fan Reinstall Whitened Outer Sleeve

The same screws were used and the wiring was easy with the black and white wiring connecting in the same places.

Above: Watch the full installation on Youtube

The Heng’s Vortex II fan works great! Having three forward speeds allows for quick and efficient evacuation of the bathroom, and the two reverse speeds allow us to push air into the bathroom to dry our towels and the tub quickly. What I also like is this mod didn’t require any roof modifications and the fan is quieter.

New RV Hengs Bathroom Fan Install Complete

Materials Used:
Hengs Industries 90046-CR Vortex II Replacement Fan Kit
Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer, 4 ounces

It took me three hours to complete this modification and cost me $150. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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