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A Custom Six-Pac

Truck: 1996 Ford F-350, crew cab, long bed, 4×2, 7.3 diesel
1997 Six-Pac, 8 foot, custom made

Front – short turnbuckles anchor from front corner of camper to front of pickup bed
Rear – long turnbuckles anchor from camper corner frame to eye bolts bolted to 2”x2” square steel tube run through Class C frame mounted trailer hitch opening, the tubing runs full width of rear of truck. Besides providing a solid anchor point it also provides an additional bumper as rear end protection for the back of the truck and a place to hang mud flaps.
Overload SuperSprings have provided excellent service for the past 10 years.
Truck Gear:
Tymar air intake; 3″ downpipe; 4″ exhaust; EBPV flange removed; (these 4 changes lowered EGT’s 150 degrees); DieselSite 203 degree engine thermostat; Tymar HPX crossover oil line; manual push button momentary switch for glow plugs; changed from 4:10 rear end gears to 3:55 gears; pyrometer temperature gauge; Mean Green gear down starter; Rev X engine oil/rear end additive; factory stock injectors; not chipped.  Rebuilt 5-speed and new Luk clutch at 208,000 miles, truck now has 209,500 miles.  Engine runs strong.  With camper on the truck, keeping highway speeds 58-60 mph and 1700-1800 rpms, will get 16 mpg on a good day.
Trailer: 1977 Merhow horse trailer; the back half is a 2 stall horse area – used as a hat making booth; the front half is a remodeled tack and bunk room area. Dry weight of the trailer is 3,100 lbs, but tows well.

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