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Roadside Ramblings With TCM

Fellow truck campers, Reyes and Deedra of Exploring Still Connected, interviewed us at the NC Truck Camper Rally. What happened next got deep into TCM, our personal stories, and what this whole thing is really about.

Roadside Ramblings with Truck Camper Magazine

We met Reyes and Deedra at Overland Expo West this past May. They were in a brand new Kingstar El Camino 88 and Ford F-550 truck camper rig with a custom flatbed storage system. Oh, and they have two cats; Durso and Luna.

Let’s see; two young people living and working in their truck camper with two cats and seeking adventure throughout the United States and Canada. Nope! That’s too weird. Moving on.

Joking aside, Angela, Cosmo, and I instantly hit it off with Reyes, Deedra, Durzo, and Luna and talked about all manners of topics; trucks, campers, litter box locations, working on the road, Starlink, the never-ending quest for what’s next, the amazing people you meet, and (of course) road magic.

Somewhere along the way, Reyes mentioned their YouTube series, Roadside Ramblings. The concept of Roadside Ramblings is to take advantage of being mobile to connect with dynamic entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone else interesting they meet, and interview them on camera about their startup story, inner motivations, hard-earned lessons, and personal tips.

The next thing you know, we’re at the North Carolina Truck Camper Rally in November surrounded by cameras and microphones. The interview was a lot of fun, and got a bit more personal – in a good way – than we expected.

Thank you, Reyes and Deedra! We had a blast.

Note: About 20 minutes into the video there’s a technical issue with the camera on us. After that, our audio continues like a podcast.

To follow Reyes and Deedra’s Roadside Ramblings series, follow them @ExploringStillConnected on YouTube and Instagram.


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