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Lance Korea Opens Amazing Dealership

The Lance Camper dealership in South Korea just opened one of the most impressive truck camper dealership facilities we’ve ever seen. The building itself looks like a giant truck camper!

Lance Korea Dealership

We recently received pictures of a modern new truck camper dealership in South Korea. At first blush we weren’t sure what the architect was thinking until… hold on a second. The dealership looks like an enormous truck camper!

Lance Korea Front Nose

There’s no mistaking the front cabover nose shape, front cabover window and Lance logo on the building.

Lance Front Nose Dealership

This motif is enhanced by the white siding and the blue-tinted glass walls underneath giving the projecting cabover separation – just like a real Lance Camper.

Lance Korea Building Looks Like A Truck Camper

Continue this thought further towards the left side of the building and the angled portion leading to the two service bays echos a truck camper skirt and overhang.

Lance Korea From The Side

Now we’ve visited our fair share of modern and impressive truck camper dealerships, but this is right up there with the best we’ve ever seen.

Lance Korea From The Back

The fact that a company in South Korea built this gorgeous building demonstrates the global interest in truck campers and a fearless entrepreneurial spirit rarely seen anywhere. Lance Korea is clearly all in on truck campers.

Lance Korea Inside Building

While presumably not yet fully stocked, the dealership has a Lance 650 and (I believe) Lance 855S on display inside the showroom alongside with two Ford trucks. Outside is another Lance 650 mounted on a truck.

Lance Korea Driving In

The building and rigs are an auspicious beginning for a bold new camper dealership.

Well done, Lance Korea. We love it!


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