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Dispersed Truck Camping In Death Valley

Dispersed Truck Camping Death Valley

Brian and Emily of Adventure Out There take us on a Nevada truck camping trip with their Four Wheel Camper that actually starts in Lone Pine, California. The drone video of their mind-blowing Alabama Hills campsite is worth the watch all by itself. If Lone Pine isn’t on your bucket list, put it there now.

After Lone Pine, they air down and tackle the notoriously rough Hole In The Wall Road with their Toyota Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper. As you will see, the wildly undulating drive and rock canyons are absolutely gorgeous but not for the faint of heart. No doubt our larger hard side rig would get stuck between two cliff walls somewhere.

They cook and eat a delicious delicious steak dinner and then (starting about 10:40) resume the kind of adventure that should remind us all why truck camping is an unbeatable lifestyle. At the end of the video, they offer some tips on Death Valley dispersed camping and the realities of Hole In The Wall Road.

Nice work, Brian and Emily! Your video makes us want to take a Taco and pop-up off-road. If you liked this video, check out Part 2 with even more incredible Death Valley exploration and camping.



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