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A Tough Reminder To Insure Your Camper

Tough Reminder To Insure Truck Camper

As bad as it appears, this story from Paradise, California was nearly much worse. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Even so, it’s difficult to see a truck camper with a tree literally running through it.

From personal experience, it can be critically important to have your truck and camper properly insured. You never know when mother nature or some moron on their cell phone will destroy your rig. This story isn’t the only destroyed camper we have heard about in the past few weeks. It happens.


After our truck was totaled and our camper seriously damaged, we published, “9 Lessons From A Truck Camper Accident“. It touches on the importance of insurance but also details a number of other critical topics. After numerous requests, Angela also made the article into a printable PDF so you can have it in your glove box. That link is at the top of the 9 Lessons article.


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