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8 States With Free State Park Entry

Campendium has published a fantastic summary of the eight US states that offer free state park entry, and where to camp. Here’s one more way to save money this summer.

8 States Free State Park Entry

We’re on the war path to help fellow truck campers offset the insane – and beyond infuriating – fuel prices we’re all experiencing right now.  Angela and I following the advice we outlined in our article, “10 Ways To Beat Fuel Prices” and looking for any way to save fuel and travel bucks. It’s not easy, but it beats staying home.

About not being easy… we were recently in Maine where seemingly everything from fuel to food to parking spaces is at an absolute premium. Just last evening we paid $3 a person to visit a relatively small local park and lighthouse. Yes, it was worth it. And yes, it makes us crazy when access to the coastline is restricted by endless private property and poor planning. And yes, this whole situation is making me grumpy.

Thankfully, there are eight states that offer free entrance to all or most of their state park systems; Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Hello, Maine Tourist Bureau? I have a suggestion…

Campendium published a fantastic summary of these state parks including specific parks where you can camp overnight. The campgrounds will not be free, but you could always look for free camping nearby. If you’re new to that subject, start with our helpful primer, “Free and Safe Places to Park Overnight In An RV”.

Campendium is an awesome resource to find free, inexpensive, and paid camping opportunities. We also subscribe to their newsletter, which is how we found this article.

On a lighter note – which I think I’m still capable of having – we’re having fun on the open road and enjoying meeting new people and exploring new places. Yes, truck camping is still fun, even if the fuel that runs the beast is hideously expensive.

Keep on truck camping.


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