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420-Watt Solar Install With Unistruts and VHB Tape

Mike from Venture Out There uses Unistuts, 3M VHB tape and Rivet Nuts to install two 210-watt solar panels on his Northern Lite 8-11. And he does it all without drilling a single hole in the clamshell fiberglass.

Venture Out There Solar Install

The Unistrut metal framing system has been a popular choice for truck camper mod makers for years. With no welding or drilling required, Unistruts are easily adjustable and even reusable. That often makes Unistruts perfect for camper modifications that need a strong and lightweight framework.

3M VHB tape is a double-sided foam tape capable of exceptional – as in industrial – bonding strength. VHB tape is also rated for extreme hot and cold temperatures, vibration, and UV light. These properties make it perfect for interior and exterior truck camper modifications. Of course, it’s also used in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries.

Mike from Venture Out There puts Unistruts and VHB tape to good use to add two 210-watt solar panels on his Northern Lite 8-11. There’s limited space on his camper roof, so the Unistruts and VHB tape give him the flexibility he needs, and eliminate the need to drill holes in the clamshell fiberglass. He also makes clever use of Rivet Nuts and Nutserts.

What took this video to the top of the Camper Beast list is his step-by-step process. From figuring out how to get around his the molded fiberglass contours, to cleaning the materials for the VHB adhesion, to the clever use of Rivet Nuts and Nutserts, Mike presents each part of the installation with clarity. Even if you aren’t interested in this project, it’s interesting to watch how he does it.

Nicely done, Mike. Keep those projects coming. And maybe, one day, you’ll enter one in our mod contest!


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