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FINAL VOTE: 2021 Calendar Contest Finalists

After a record number of reader votes, just 24 photos made it to the finals.  From these 24, it’s time to choose five and vote to determine the 2021 TCM Calendar Winners.  Put your finalist picking pants on now.  This is getting serious.

2021 Calendar Final Vote

Every year we get a handful of exasperated emails, texts, and phone calls detailing how difficult it was to choose photographs for the first calendar vote.  Evidently many of you endured hours of mouse-clicking, touch pad pushing, and phone screen tapping – all to a tortured symphony of hemming, hawing, and head-scratching.

Well, it’s about to get even tougher.  What follows are 24 photos representing the best-of-the-best, selected by you – our most excellent readers.  Just looking at the two dozen images is sure to start the clicking, pushing, tapping, hemming, hawing, and scratching all over again.  We have no idea how you’ll figure this one out.  Once again, they’re all really good!

Finals Voting Starts Now

You have exactly 6 days to pick your 5 favorite photos from these 24-finalists.  The winners of this vote will be the 13 (that’s 12-months plus one cover) 2021 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest winners.

All 13 calendar winners will have their winning photograph and the story behind their photograph featured in the magazine.  The 13-winners will also receive a free 2021 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar.

Finalist voting ends next Thursday, November 5th at 11:59pm PST.  Here are the 24-finalists from the first calendar vote in numerical order.

The voting window has now closed.  Click here to see the winners!

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#029 - Todd SmithEscalante National Monument, Utah2018 Toyota Tacoma2019 Real Lite 1600Camera Used - Samsung S7After months of setting up our new Tacoma truck camper combo we were on our maiden voyage to southern Utah to to spend 17 days in the backcountry.  We managed to find some spectacular country that simply blew our minds.  The beauty was everywhere we looked, exceeding all of our expectations that we had been dreaming about for months.  We managed to set up camp in a different location every night with a different backdrop to enjoy, cooked some amazing meals over the campfire, and sat looking at the star for hours.  This us time was just what we needed to reconnect with mother nature and to be reminded how lucky we are to enjoy this lifestyle chasing our dreams and looking for adventure.

#029 - Todd Smith

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#047 - Kami GolembeskiNational Forest, Florida2011 Ford F3502019 Northstar Igloo UCamera Used - iPhone 10Wildlife sightings and bird songs are among many of the gifts that Mother Nature graciously gives at the beginning of each new day.  On this day, she also gifted us a stunning sunrise.  The colors are painted the sky in a way that even the most skilled artist could not capture.  Even this photo does not do it justice.  We were pleasantly surprised by all the beauty that the National Forest in Florida had to offer.  We are grateful to live full-time in our truck camper and experience the gifts of nature.

#047 - Kami Golembeski

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#051 - Roger GedminasTitus Canyon, Death Valley, California2008 Toyota Tundra2017 Four Wheel Camper HawkCamera Used - iPhone 8+Days before the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I  took my nephew from Ohio who was recovering from surgery on a tour of Death Valley.  From Southern California we did Trona Pinnacles (A+), Furnace Kilns, Wildrose, Titus Canyon, Rhyolite, Ubehebe Crater, Sand Dunes and Race Track.  In Titus Canyon, another 4x4 said

#051 - Roger Gedminas

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#081 - Treve JohnsonMono Lake, California2017 Toyota Tacoma2017, Four Wheel Camper FleetCamera Used - Nikon D800On the evening of June 16, 2020 I decided to boondock overnight on a forest service road on the south side of Mono Lake.  I was hoping for some clouds and color in the sky, but since the clouds did not appear, I decided to set up a photo with the camper.  The camera is on a tripod and I'm controlling the camera with a remote control device called a CamRanger.  I'm actually looking at the images from the camera on an iPad and using a small puck light to help light my face.

#081 - Treve Johnson

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#086 - Bryan BurgessPaint Creek Campground, Tennessee2018 Ford F1502018 Capri Cowboy XLCamera Used - PhoneSometimes you round the bend and are surprised by a beautiful fleeting moment.  This was one of those times with the misty morning light at Paint Creek Campground, Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee.

#086 - Bryan Burgess

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#132 - Heiri HafnerWest of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota2012 Ford F-3502020 Northern Lite 9.6SECamera Used - iPhone 11 ProA magical moment boondocking somewhere west of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

#132 - Heiri Hafner

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#136 - Nathalie BlackburnRivière-Ouelle, Québec2017 GMC Sierra 35002012 Northern Lite SportsmanCamera Used - Nikon D500We were observing stars and the Milky Way on a beautiful late summer night.  It was on the edge of a pretty beach in the small village of Rivière-Ouelle in Quebec.

#136 - Nathalie Blackburn

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#139 - Angie ScottAntelope Reservoir, Oregon2014 Chevy Silverado 35002016 Northern Lite 8-11QSECamera Used - iPhone XSOn our way home Idaho, we stopped for the night at one of our favorite places in southeast Oregon called Antelope Reservoir.  It’s BLM land off of Highway 95.  It was hot and humid, but very peaceful! Antelope can usually be seen grazing in the fields on the opposite side of the lake.  This day, however, there was a storm brewing close to the hills next to the lake; there were ducks and geese on the water but no larger wildlife to be seen. The sky was full of beautiful, majestic clouds and I was happy that I had my cellphone to use for shooting photos. I usually bring my Nikon on any truck camping journey, but this was a business trip so I left it at home.The storm was moving fast, so we hurried inside our truck camper, shutting vents and large windows.  It was not a minute too soon.  Thunder, lightening, wind and rain were upon us.  It did not last long, maybe 20 minutes.The storm had passed and the sun was peeking through the clouds so we ventured outside to survey the landscape.  It was gorgeous!  The water was calm and very dark, and there was even a rainbow!

#139 - Angie Scott

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#176 - Gary FreedmanDeath Valley near the Artists Palette Trail, California2019 Ford F3502020 Northern Lite 8-11 LECamera Used - Canon 60DMy wife and I were camping in Death Valley after a visit to the Arizona desert.  We stopped to hike a bit of the Artists Palette Trail.  I paused to to take breath and looked back at our rig; a very small camper in a very large landscape.  I've lived in California for over 50 years, but had never visited Death Valley.  It’s wonderful... at the right time of the year!

#176 - Gary Freedman

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#207 - Gary McNicholsNear Diamond Lake ,Oregon2018 Chevrolet 3500 HD2014 Arctic Fox 1140Camera Used - iPhoneWe started at agency Lake Oregon.  We were evacuated there from a fire.  Then, we went to Diamond Lake and the wind was blowing so hard we decided to go to Lemolo Lake.  We camped for the night and again at 4:00am got evacuated because of a fire that started at Diamond Lake earlier that night.

#207 - Gary McNichols

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#255 - Scott EllisBLM land northwest of Roundup, Montana2012 Chevy 35002019 Northern Lite 9-6QSECamera Used - iPhone XSThis is a classic example of our follow-the-GPS-to-a-likely-plot-of-public-land camping style. We're camped on a completely random half-section of BLM land in the middle of nowhere, with nothing in particular there except for huge skies and long views, all to ourselves. Katie the Aussie approves.

#255 - Scott Ellis

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#258 - Marcos GadaianChapada dos Veadeiros National Park, Brazil2005 Ford F3502006 Lance 881Camera Used - Canon Eos 7DWe were going to visit the wonderful couros waterfall, but it took us a long time to cross 30 miles of very difficult dirt road. So we decided to spend the night in the woods. The next day, early in the morning, we were able to enjoy the waters of the waterfall just for us!

#258 - Marcos Gadaian

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#261 - Derek HansenHomer, Alaska2002 Ford F3502004 Lance 1010Camera Used - DJI Phantom 3 AdvancedThere is a saying in Alaska that when the fireweed blossom reaches the top of the stem, the summer will be over. We did a road trip to Homer in mid-August at the height of fireweed season. There were fields of fireweed in full bloom along the highway and the gravel roads on top of the high bluffs to the north of Homer.  This photo was taken during golden hour as the setting sun lit up the thousands of blossoms.

#261 - Derek Hansen

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#262 - Brian and Chris HagenEastern Oregon's Leslie Gulch2004 Dodge Ram 25002014 Palomino SS-1251Camera Used - Sony DSC-HX80Leslie Gulch in eastern Oregon is a favorite place for us to go since it is only an hour and a half from our home. Miles of hiking trails among the fantastic rock formations and a free BLM campground.

#262 - Brian Hagen

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#296 - Nolan SturgeonAnza Borrego, California2001 Ford F3502015 Wolf Creek 850Camera Used - Phone

#296 - Nolan Sturgeon

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#297 - Nolan SturgeonSequoia National Park, California2001 Ford F3502015 Wolf Creek 850Camera Used - Phone

#297 - Nolan Sturgeon

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#306 - Derek HansenRainbow Ridge, Alaska2002 Ford F3502004 Lance 1010Camera Used - Nikon D7200The first road in Alaska ran from Valdez up to Fairbanks, giving access to the interior for the hordes of adventurers who came north seeking gold at the close of the 19th Century. That road is now the Richardson Highway, which is paralleled by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for much of its length. This photo was taken at a scenic pullout before Rainbow Ridge, so named for its colorful talus slopes.

#306 - Derek Hansen

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#318 - Marc RosseneuCañon del Pato, Peru2015 Ford F3502016 Northern Lite 9.6 QSECamera Used - Canon EOS 80DThrough the spectacular Cañon del Pato or Duck's Canyon runs one of the most exciting roads in Peru. This 65 mile long road passes through 47 tunnels and winds through this impressive canyon, which has narrow stretches of only 20 feet wide, between high cliff walls up to 13,800 feet.Some tunnels are long and winding. At their entrance, traffic signs demand to sound the horn in order to warn oncoming traffic that can not see you coming. Twice, a vehicle didn't hear us coming and we had to back up. We enjoyed this ride a lot and camped at two perfect overnight spots at the border of the wild river.

#318 - Marc Rosseneu

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#321 - Matt NelsonSonoran Desert, Arizona2017 Dodge Ran2007 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - Sony A6000You have to get up very late, or is it early, in the morning to get a good picture of the Milky Way in the spring. The Milky Way doesn't rise until 3-4 AM. Luckily I had a nice warm bed only a few feet away to jump back into. The glow on the horizon is light pollution from Gila Bend, Arizona. This spot in the Sonoran Desert has become one of my favorites to disperse camp. It's only a few miles off the highway. You can see the highway traffic at night, but you can't hear it at all, and there’s blazing fast internet cell service.

#321 - Matt Nelson

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#331 - Darcy SenftPrince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan2015 Ram 25002018 Palomino Real-Lite SS-1608Camera Used - Nikon D850Late fall camping in Saskatchewan was extra special this year as we had some really amazing weather all through September and into early October with no snow!  Top that off with camping in one of Canada's National Parks and the trees in full Fall mode exploding with color ...made for a truly a fantastic experience!

#331 - Darcy Senft

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#366 - Matt NelsonLake Mead, Nevada2017 Dodge Ram2007 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - PhoneIt took awhile for the stars to align, so to speak, for this photo. You only get 1 day a month to catch the full moon low on the horizon with the sun setting for golden hour light. Then you have to be in a nice flat spot, lined up the right way, and have a wide open horizon to be able to see the moon.  Somehow I managed to pull it all together for one epic shot that almost doesn't look real!

#366 - Matt Nelson

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#367 - Scott GregsonColorado2018 Ram 35002019 Cirrus 920Camera Used - DJI Mavic 2 ProWe were traveling through Colorado, right near Pikes Peak. We had hopes of taking the road up Pikes Peak as well as exploring Colorado Springs a little bit. We found this incredible boondocking spot overlooking Pikes Peak in the distance. In the process of getting to this site, we caught the top of a stump on our differential and ripped it out of the ground. The incident necessitated some basic repairs with a hammer, vice grips and some zip ties. The zip ties are holding up 12k miles later! This was one of the best spots we have ever found and plan to return in the future!

#367 - Scott Gregson

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#375 - Marlene CocchettoGuilford Lake State Park, Lisbon, Ohio2018 GMC 3500HD2020 Northern Lite 8-11EXLE WBCamera Used - Motorola g6 phoneWe were on our first camping trip since purchasing the new camper and truck. We had visited this park during the summer, but had never camped there in the winter. When we arrived we were the only campers there.  The lake had been drained down to its winter level and it was freezing outside, but the snow was so beautiful and it made the entire park so quiet. It was very peaceful to be there alone and to have the park all to ourselves. This photo sums up that feeling of tranquility.

#375 - Marlene Cocchetto

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#383 - Francois MathieuBaja, Mexique2007 Toyota  Tundra2013 FWC HawkCamera Used - DJI SparkGreat spot in the middle of nowhere!

#383 - Francois Mathieu


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