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VOTE: Favorite Truck Camper Rally Events

As I type this Question of the Week, Angela and I are cruising I-80 on our way to Michigan to see friends we first met five years ago at the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally.  Then we’ll be in Elkhart for the annual industry open house to give some industry leaders a few “why didn’t you tell us about this camper earlier” noogies.

Yes, we give industry leaders full-fledged, knuckle on forehead, noogies when they “forget” to tell us about a new truck camper until the last minute.  It’s one of many skills we’ve been forced to develop over the years, and we’re darn good at it.

Anyway, Angela and I have been talking about the various events at truck camper rallies, and how they’ve grown in quantity and quality over the years.  Rally organizers are often busier than Flamingo Campground mosquitoes at dusk in Everglades National Park (trust me, that’s busy).  They buzz around from event to event at the rallies making sure everything is running smoothly, and everyone is happy.

To help our awesome truck camper rally organizers with their future rally planning, and for any would-be rally organizers who might be out there, we thought we would put a list of common rally events to a vote.  Tell us which truck camper rally events you like the most.  For example, do you like potluck dinners?  How about truck camper open houses?

With the results, rally organizers will have a little more information about where to focus, and where to relax, grab a Margarita, Mai Tai, or Tom Collins, and talk about that big fish that got away around a roaring campfire.  Speaking of which, did I ever tell you about the dinosaur I saw just outside of Dinosaur National Monument?   It’s a true story, ask Angela.

 Click here to see readers’ favorite rally activities.


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