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Before You Shut The Front Door

In 1969, the comedy troupe Firesign Theater asked, “How can you be in two places at once without being anywhere at all?”  In the counter-culture haze of the late 1960s, this question was both strangely funny, and unanswerable.

Taking inspiration from Firesign Theaters’ absurd musing, we offer a new, obviously not as funny question; “How can you be anywhere in a truck camper without worrying about home at all?”

Fortunately, Steven Merrill’s article, “30 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Long-Term Trip” offers a well thought out list to help answer this question.  Most of what you need to do is detailed in Steven’s article, but perhaps there are a few more items not covered.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What else do you do to prepare your home before leaving for extended periods of time?

Before responding, please make sure your item isn’t listed in Steven’s article.  Everything else is fair game.  For example, in the days leading up to our departure, we scour our house for anything we might have borrowed from the library, a family member, or friend and make sure those items are returned prior to leaving.

Click here to read even more ideas about closing up your house for a long term trip.


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